Company: ABITEC Corporation

Ingredient Snapshot: ABITEC Corporation, a global manufacturer of nutritional and functional lipids, continues to develop products that meet the ever-evolving demands of the market. As the need for cleaner, more label-friendly ingredients continues to rise, ABITEC prides ourselves on keeping the health and safety of all consumers at the forefront of our product development. ABITEC has been manufacturing safe, naturally-derived ingredients for 20+ years and today’s conscious consumers appreciate that on the label.

ABITEC’s NUTRI SPERSE MCT GA Powder checks all the boxes, offering a clean-label, dairy free, and allergen free powder. NUTRI SPERSE contains responsibly sourced, high purity, medium-chain triglycerides on a gum acacia base. NUTRI SPERSE solid lipids offer a wide range of functional benefits such as enhanced texture and mouthfeel, and improved solubility for many end-use nutritional products. With the ever-evolving expansion of consumer product options and formats, ABITEC’s portfolio of both liquid and powdered MCT ingredients are the perfect fit for food, beverage, and powder applications.