Company: Batory Foods

Ingredient Snapshot: Batory Foods, a national sales and supply chain management solutions provider of commodity and specialty food ingredients, has announced its first significant B2B sale of VINIA red grape powder, developed by BioHarvest Sciences Inc., a developer of proprietary and patent-protected BioFarming technology. As the exclusive U.S. distributor of VINIA, the purchase order comes to Batory from Designs for Health, a Connecticut-based nutritional supplements provider solely for healthcare professionals. Designs for Health plans to utilize VINIA for its heart health properties in their science-based nutritional supplements.

VINIA, a powder derived from the cell of a single grape, contains the matrix of polyphenols contained in red grapes with a high concentration of Piceid Resveratrol and other key Polyphenols in their naturally occurring state. Each 400mg serving of VINIA contains the same amount of Piceid Resveratrol contained in one entire bottle of red wine, with no sugar, no alcohol and zero calories. VINIA has been scientifically validated in clinical trials to have important functional benefits for the body. Rich in antioxidants, it supports healthy arteries, blood circulation and blood pressure within normal range.

“At Designs for Health, we use the motto and tag-line ‘Science-First’—and we mean it,” said Dr. David M. Brady, chief medical officer of designs for health.* “This includes the raw materials and suppliers we choose to work with as we develop our world-renowned products for physicians and health care providers to recommend to their patients. We could not have found a better partner than BioHarvest, and a better material than VINIA®, in meeting these requirements. We only work with partners and collaborators who share our commitment to science and efficacy, as well as our ethics and values.”

“We are elated to have received the first purchase order for VINIA from Designs for Health and we see it as a clear indication of the strength in the market for this innovative, functional product,” said Vince Pinneri, president of Batory Foods. “We look forward to continuing to showcase the scientifically and clinically proven advantages of VINIA® to many more food, beverage and nutraceutical companies in 2021.”

“This significant win validates our B2B strategy,” said Ilan Sobel, CEO of BHSC. “Furthermore, the selection of VINIA by Designs for Health is an endorsement of the superiority of our BioFarming technology for the consistent and quality production of metabolites such as Resveratrol.”

*Note: Dr. David Brady is also a member of the BioHarvest Advisory Board.