Company: Cookie Rich

Introduced: April 2021

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price

Product Snapshot: New reinvented cookie company Cookie Rich has just launched on Goldbelly, expanding its reach from only Austin to all 50 states just a few short months after it began.

Cookie Rich arose out of career savory chef Lorin Peters' need to go in a new direction after the pandemic shook the restaurant industry. Prior to being out of work for seven months and unsure of what to do next, Peters was working at Austin restaurant Juniper and also working as a freelance recipe developer and culinary content creator. But all that came to a halt. The career she had worked her whole life to build, which included a turn as chef de partie at three-Michelin Star restaurant The French Laundry, was gone. She began to look to areas where she could create something new, and after much R&D settled on a new take on the classic cookie.

The French Laundry is also where Peters met her husband, Chef Mathew Peters, who is a culinary heavyweight in his own right. He was on the first U.S. team to win Bocuse d'Or. Chef Lorin Peters has also been on this journey while balancing being a mom to a young daughter, which has brought its own unique challenges.

Cookie Rich are bite-sized treats crafted from two scratch-made cookies sealed together with a filling. Each cookie has a pillowy texture and a unique curvy shape. It keeps a number of fan-favorite flavors always on the menu—like funfetti + sprinkle cream cheese, toasted coconut + salted caramel, and red velvet + cream cheese—but also rotates seasonal flavors quarterly.

In April 2021, Cookie Rich launched three new flavors: snickerdoodle + cinnamon brown sugar, chocolate peanut butter + peanut butter mousse, and banana + pudding.