Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery was recently able to talk to Justin Guilbert, founder & chairman, GOODFISH, about its salmon chip business and what's next for the brand.


Liz Parker: What’s new about GOODFISH’s market strategy? 

Justin Guilbert: Diving deeper into improvements: We’ve invested in equipment and tightened up our process resulting in the process occurring 10x faster which in turn creates a crispier, less fishy chip. 

The improvements don’t just stop at the chips. The new packaging is more compact, uses less (and better) materials and creates less waste. The boxes are now FSC certified, so they meet the strictest standards for forest conservation. 


LP: How did you get into the salmon chip business?

JG: We are on a mission to make a tangible contribution towards transforming hyper-consumer culture into a formidable engine toward a positive social and environmental outcome. In 2010, we co-founded Harmless Harvest, the world’s first sustainably harvested, organic coconut water. It was there we honed in on the ethical supply chain, proving a company could benefit consumers, its producers, and the planet. The revolutionary natural foods brand quickly led the industry in higher standards of sourcing, manufacturing, and social ethos, all paving the way for GOODFISH, a project that is changing the snacking industry with a progressive ecosystem and social practices.


LP: How are consumers responding to your products?

JG: GOOD just got better because of the initial consumer responses! The next generation of crispy salmon skins are crispier, crunchier, and better tasting than ever because of feedback from consumers and Goodfish buyers. Their feedback not only means everything to Goodfish, but is the reason they were able to improve the taste of the snacks and make them even more craveable. 


LP: Where have you secured distribution?

JG: Distribution is currently through the Goodfish website, Amazon, and at The Fresh Market. 


LP: What’s next for the brand?

JG: Goodfish is pioneering a radical shift in how seafood is understood, appreciated, and integrated into modern consumer culture. Rethinking, repurposing, and inspiring, Goodfish is restoring the seas and showing the world that food can be good for both people and the environment, and continues to be shockingly transparent about the source ,paving the way for customers to demand that transparency to every company. Goodfish is on a mission to make sustainable habits easy (and tasty) and is excited to introduce new flavors in 2021.