Company: Doughp

Introduced: March/May 2021

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $39.00-$59.00

Product Snapshot: Doughp has recently released a new flavor, Whiskey Maple Bacon, and also a flavor that included upcycled grains from the brewery industry, Beast Mode Brownie. 

Doughp burst onto the dessert scene in 2017 in San Francisco and grew into a multi-million dollar cookie dough empire to make the world a little sweeter. After a journey in self-discovery and sobriety, founder Kelsey Moreira renewed her love for baking and inadvertently created an amazing cookie dough recipe from scratch that can be enjoyed either raw or baked. Kelsey took Doughp on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank” and she was named in Forbes 30 Under 30 for how quickly she's grown this business and her mission-driven mentality behind it. 

Doughp joined forces with upcycled food technology platform, ReGrained, to introduce Beast Mode Brownie, a brownie cookie dough that's boosted with fiber and protein and made from upcycled grains. The rich chocolate cookie dough is packed with chocolate chips and brownie chunks and is made with the environment friendly ReGrained SuperGrain+, a blend of sprouted ancient grains rescued from the leftovers of the brewing industry. The environmentally friendly powder is a nutrient dense ingredient with almost 75 percent fewer net carbs than all-purpose flour and more than 60% than whole grains. 

In May, Doughp collaborated with Ritual Zero Proof, a non-alcoholic spirits company, to create an alcohol-free, Whiskey Maple Bacon cookie dough. With no booze, but all the complexity of the whisky flavor combined with the sweet hit of maple and savory bacon, this unique cookie dough is the first of its kind. The Doughp Whiskey Maple Bacon cookie dough is a maple-flavored cookie dough infused with Ritual Zero Proof whiskey alternative to provide a rich whisky flavor. Bacon bits and chocolate chips are mixed throughout the cookie dough, making for a salty-sweet take on a nostalgic treat that anyone can enjoy raw or baked into cookies. This new Doughp flavor is a small batch production and available for a limited time. And by leaving the booze behind, it is hangover-free!

A special Father's Day 2 Pack of the Doughp Whiskey Maple Bacon will be available for $39 and will include this new flavor along with Ride or Die (chocolate chip flavor). Alternatively, a pint can now be purchased in a custom 2, 3, or 4 pack on Doughp’s Build Your Own Pack page. To purchase Doughp cookie dough, visit Pricing for Build Your Own Doughp Pack 16oz pints: 2-Pack: $39 | 3-Pack: $49 | 4-Pack: $59.