Company: Limagrain Ingredients

Ingredient Snapshot: Limagrain Ingredients has set in motion a European campaign named "Eat Fibre, Feel Better," presenting two main purposes: 

  • To raise awareness of the inadequacy of dietary fiber in overall consumption, despite its recognized health benefits
  • To help fill the fiber gap and improve overall health In order to expand its knowledge around fibers

Limagrain Ingredients has gathered a solid committee of scientific experts. As part of this campaign, Limagrain Ingredients is at the initiative of a consumer observatory on dietary fibers in collaboration with the CREDOC (Centre de Recherche pour l’Etude et l’Observation des Conditions de vie). Renewed every 3 years, this observatory will provide updated information regarding the evolution of the perception and knowledge of fibers and consumption habits of fiber-rich products among different European populations. 

To increase the consumption of fibers in different populations, Limagrain Ingredients is proud to introduce a unique and pioneering ingredient on the European market after 20 years of research: LifyWheat flour. LifyWheat is part of this health approach, providing a practical response to the expectation of consumers looking for health, naturalness, and transparency.