After launching on store shelves nationwide over 30 years ago, SunChips has continued its mission to deliver the goodness of 100 percent whole grain while also celebrating the unique wave shape that makes them one-of-a-kind.  

With the brand growing exponentially the past year, it is now looking to give back to their fans who have supported its individuality throughout the years. That’s why it's launching the new “Be Your Own Wave” campaign rooted in celebrating the power of individuality in everyone, everywhere.

Starting August 9, 2021, SunChips is airing its first national campaign in four years that spotlights one-of-a-kind artists from across the country. The artists featured in the spot were selected for owning their individuality to help make the world a brighter place, while also bringing their diverse stories to the forefront.  

The brand partnered with ELEANOR, a black female-owned production company in the United States, and worked with notable director, choreographer, and member of the LGBT community Ezra Hurwitz.  

This launch is following the latest flavor innovation from the brand, SunChips Chili Lime, a flavor bursting with red chili pepper and lime that taps into the growing consumer demand for spice and heat, especially among younger millennials.