Company: Dorner


Equipment Snapshot: Dorner’s new AquaGard Low Profile (LP) conveyor is designed to fit in tight spaces, making it the ideal sanitary conveyor for dry or wipedown applications within the packaging, pharmaceutical, confectionary, bakery, and other packaged food industries. 

The AquaGard LP is the latest reiteration in the AquaGard sanitary conveyor platform. This updated version features a low-profile stainless steel frame with compact 1.25” diameter end-roller pulleys, enabling the conveyor to fit in tight spaces in and around other machinery, as well as safely operate in close proximity to employees. The pulleys also aide in the efficient transfer of small- to medium-sized products on and off the conveyor.     

The AquaGard LP’s standard tip-up tail design provides operators complete, easy access to the frame and under the belt for cleaning. Dorner’s reliable V-guided belting ensures precise belt and product tracking along with the enclosed tensioning system keeps the belt to the proper tension and provides smooth snag-free cleaning. 

Engineered to meet high sanitary standards, the AquaGard LP has earned the coveted Baking Industry Sanitary Standards Committee (BISSC) certification, which is recognized as the definitive sanitation and safety standards for equipment used in the baking industry. 

Features and benefits of the new AquaGard LP conveyor include:

  • Widths between 70 mm to 457 mm (2.75 inch to 18 inches)
  • Lengths between 700 mm and 5,500 mm (27.5 inches to 18 feet)
  • Load capacity up to 22.7 kg (50 lbs.)
  • Available in straight configurations; FDA-approved belt types: cleated, flat, high friction, and others
  • Toolless, flexible guiding options
  • 10-day lead time

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