If there is one clear takeaway message from the time spanning from December 2019 until today, it’s that there isn’t a clear replacement for in-person connections. While we have proven that we’re adept at adapting when necessary, a Zoom call lacks the nuances and potential insights we can get from in-person meetings.

This reality becomes clear when you consider the magic that can happen from spontaneous encounters at a trade show or exhibition. In such an environment, we often have certain needs that we are seeking. Those needs lead to planned or impromptu discussions that frequently yield solutions—and sometimes in ways that we couldn’t have predicted ahead of time. They just surface during the course of our conversations.

Now that society has begun opening up to a greater degree, it’s fitting that the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) is this year. IBIE is the pinnacle trade show experience for baking, offering more potential points of discovery—more solutions to your current challenges—than any other event in this hemisphere. During IBIE, we at Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery are looking forward to:

  • BEST in Baking Program—as the sponsor of this show feature, we look forward to shining a light on industry advances related to sustainability, automation and robotics, plant efficiency, sanitation, workforce development, and product innovation
  • 2022 Bakery of the Year Award—during IBIE, we will present our 2022 Bakery of the Year award to Hostess Brands, honoring the great work that company is going related to sustainability, workforce development, employee and plant safety, and product innovation
  • Cannabis Central Pavilion—our sister publication, Cannabis Products, is behind this brand-new show feature, which will highlight market opportunities and formulation strategies for bakery products infused with cannabis and hemp ingredients
The past few years have challenged our businesses in many ways, and some of those ongoing challenges undoubtedly still need solutions. IBIE is the perfect destination to find answers to your most-pressing business questions. We hope to see you there.