Following the recent White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, greater attention is being paid to ensuring that Americans can access nutritious and sustainable diets, and end U.S. hunger by 2035, says Clif Bar & Company.

A new paper supported by Clif Bar and published in Current Developments in Nutrition puts forward a first-of-its-kind set of guiding principles to define sustainable, nutritious packaged foods (SNPF), which can help make healthy, environmentally sustainable diets more achievable and accessible for all. 

While the foundation of any diet should be whole foods, packaged foods play a key role and help provide important nutrients that many Americans are falling short on, including whole grains, iron, fiber, calcium, potassium, and vitamin D. Considering that packaged foods make up more than half of the diet in the U.S., they will play an essential role in the White House’s 2030 hunger goal.

The full paper can be read here