FlavorSum, a North American flavor producer, has released food and beverage predictions for 2023. In a two-part blog series, the FlavorSum insights team explores how consumer behaviors and market trends will shape the new year.  

Part One: Food and Beverage Predictions

2022 raised more concerns for people, with stressors like health, geopolitical concerns, and inflation. Trend Hunter expects more uncertainty and anticipates that 2023 will be a period of “incremental chaos.” 

FlavorSum predicts that finding ways to uplift people will be a top priority for brands. During continued unpredictability, the FlavorSum team foresees that brands will explore choices that help people find their footing, support mental health, and reach lifestyle and sustainability goals. 

Discover FlavorSum’s food and beverage predictions to explore overarching food and beverage themes, including

  • Using food to nourish mind and body
  • Intersection of food and technology
  • Global consciousness
  • New formats

Part Two: Flavor Predictions

Flavor plays a critical role in how people experience food and how food contributes to mood. Part one of FlavorSum’s prediction series highlights ways brands can support people as they respond to the continued uncertainty expected in the new year. Part two addresses how flavor can positively affect the consumer experience and help alleviate some stress and anxiety. 

FlavorSum’s predictions for the new year highlight flavors that brands can use to create an enjoyable experience through taste. 

Discover FlavorSum’s 2023 flavor predictions to explore what’s up and coming in flavor trends, including:

  • Feel-good food
  • Elevated taste experiences 
  • Down to Earth flavors
  • Experience-inspired tastes

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