FlavorSum has released part one of its two-part series on food and beverage predictions for 2023. This week, it focused on the trending consumer habits and market trends in store for 2023. Next week, it will focus closely on flavor, as it spotlights upcoming flavor and taste trends.

Instead of adjusting to a “new normal” like many of us hoped, 2022 was a year filled with a complex set of worries, both old and new. In addition to now-familiar concerns like COVID, health and climate change, geopolitical conflicts, and rising inflation have added to the heightened sense of unpredictability. 

Trend Hunter predicts 2023 will be a period of “incremental chaos” as people make up for time lost during the pandemic and competitors reveal new products. During continued uncertainty, brands have opportunities to offer food and beverage choices that help people find their footing, support mental health, and reach lifestyle and sustainability goals.

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