Supernatural, the female-founded, modern baking essentials brand that offers premium, plant-based ingredients and naturally-colored cake decorations, has announced the launch of its new arm of business, B2B partnerships, beginning with three brands: Milk BarKing Arthur Baking, and Canadian plant-based snack startup SnackConscious.  

After previously engaging in limited-time B2B partnership projects with Sweetgreen and Chobani, Supernatural’s formal entrance into B2B service speaks to the rise in demand for plant-based, American-made, and fully traceable ingredient options across their entire diet, including pre-made and pre-packaged products. Supernatural’s foodservice relationships are designed to be dynamic based on each company’s needs. For example, Milk Bar will begin to incorporate Supernatural’s new, American-manufactured sprinkles into their popular grocery products. King Arthur Baking and Supernatural will be selling complementary products on each other’s websites, and King Arthur’s premium baking mixes will be included in Supernatural’s 2022 holiday bundle offerings. Modern plant-based snack brand SnackConscious is incorporating Supernatural’s Crunchies rainbow sprinkles into the Birthday Cake variety of their protein bites, which are sold at retailers across Canada, including Walmart. 

Additionally, to streamline the supply chain and meet demand for retailers and new foodservice partners, Supernatural has rehomed its entire manufacturing and distribution process to the U.S. This shift not only makes sourcing more transparent and prices more competitive compared to other better-for-you baking decorations, but it also allows Supernatural to replace corn, an omnipresent ingredient in the category that is often genetically modified and a cause of allergic concern for some consumers, with tapioca, which is recognized as an allergy-friendly starch alternative. Catering to the one in four Americans (or 85 million people) managing food allergies who spend $19 billion annually to avoid purchasing products with the top nine allergens, this important ingredient transition to tapioca will begin immediately, with the goal of a complete transition within a year.

With 39% of Americans actively making an effort to eat more plant-based foods and an overall improved awareness about food ingredients, Supernatural is positioned for growth in a segment once considered niche, but is now recognized by both industry professionals and home bakers as a necessary and long-overdue shift. Supernatural's expansion into the foodservice industry will further its mission by helping commercial bakeries, product manufacturers, restaurants, and small businesses meet customer demand for more sustainable, better-for-you and allergy-accessible ingredients. Historically, decorative products like sprinkles have been made with controversial additives, allergens, and colorants, in turn excluding many people, like children with food-dye sensitivities, from using traditional decorative products. Supernatural’s approach to providing vibrant, plant-based baking products has increased the accessibility and health profile of foods featuring colorful ingredients while simultaneously providing increased visibility and control into ingredient sources and sustainability. 

“I am so excited to officially launch Supernatural’s B2B channel with three incredible brands that share a common mission of pursuing the best from every ingredient, bake, and bite,” says Carmel Hagen, founder and CEO, Supernatural. “Debuting our bulk product line with King Arthur, SnackConscious, and Milk Bar—and adding Christina Tosi to our board—is a dream come true for this next phase of Supernatural’s business. Embarking on these formal partnerships to redefine what chefs can expect from their decorative products and what consumers can expect from their pre-packaged treats has always been a goal of mine so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the treats they love with ingredients they can trust. There are no companies better suited to launch this new arm of Supernatural with than these three.”

In addition, Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi, a longtime fan of Supernatural, has joined the brand’s Board of Directors to usher in a new and strategic growth phase. “I am so excited to be teaming up with Supernatural to bring a smarter sprinkle to Milk Bar customers across the country,” shares Tosi. “I have been a fan of Supernatural’s offerings for so long and Carmel and I have bonded over our shared passion for making baked treats accessible for every type of dessert fanatic.”