March 2005

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Mapping Success
at Hudson News

Special Report
- Kids’ Marketing Gets Cautious
Suddenly, there’s a more conservative climate surrounding marketing products to kids. So where does that leave candy? Plus an update on trends in novelty/interactive and licensed candy.
- Timing Is Everything With Licensed Novelty Candy

Category Insights
- Licorice: More Luxurious?
Newer, more upscale options are adding excitement to the licorice category.
- Creating Sensational Seasons
Selling seasonal candy affords the perfect opportunity for thinking outside the box. And, despite some disappointing numbers recently, there’s still plenty of growth potential.

Trade Show Wrap-Up
- ISM’s Wide World Of Confectionery
The new, more spacious venue for the world’s largest confectionery fair found manufacturers also taking a broader view on how to market their products. Here’s a look at some of the trade fair’s highlights.

In the Store
- Candy On The Fly
Hudson News sells confections to the world’s jet-set travelers, but the company is quite grounded in its approach to candy and gum.

- Focusing Too Much On Sell-through Sells Candy Short.

- Category Development Research Premieres

Product Update
- Sour Patch Connectors, Swedish Fish Aqua Life and more...

Seasonal Product Update
- Seasonal Bagged Line, Inspirational Stocking Set and more...

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