Tootsie Roll Pops Spy Stix
Tootsie Roll Industries Inc.
(773) 838-3400
Booth 1604
Spy Stix interactive candy is the first filled container pop with a Tootsie center. The container keeps the candy sealed. Available in a 24-count display tray containing tangerine, grape, sour apple and raspberry, it has a suggested retail price of $1.

Hillside Candy

(800) 524-1304
Booth 540
Hillside is the exclusive U.S. distributor for My Favorite Candies,
a German-made line of yogurt-based, good-for-you sugar candy endorsed by international supermodel Heidi Klum, known for her Sports Illustrated covers and Victoria’s Secret lingerie modeling. The line includes Yogurt Fruit Cremes in cherry, pear, lemon, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry and Yogurt Dessert Cremes in Chocolate Mousse, Sugar Cookie, Cherries Jubilee and Cappuccino Cheesecake. A third variety, Heidi’s Fruity Flirtations, comes in a mix of cherry, currant, strawberry, lemon and orange. Retail price range is $1.79 to $1.99 for a 4-ounce bag.

Blizzard Shaker Pops
Fantazzmo fun stuff!
(630) 860-2222
Booth 2615
Each Blizzard Shaker contains four assorted lollipops randomly packed in a shaker dome filled with candy sprinkles. Kids lick the pop, close the dome and shake to coat the candy. A rotating handle on the bottom enables kids to spin the pop in their mouths as they eat it. Suggested retail price is 99 cents. Blizzard Shaker Pops are available in a 12-count display.

Bulk Vending Gum
Concord Confections Inc.
(905) 660-8989
Booth 1209
The Dubble Bubble logo will now be printed on all Dubble Bubble gumballs, making them the first branded gumballs. In addition, Concord introduces a range of new gums. Dubble Bubble Gourmet Gumballs Rainbow of Flavors mix includes cotton candy, strawberry-banana, Candy Apple, Tangerine Dream and Blueberry Smoothie. Dubble Bubble Fiesta Mix combines tamarindo, pina and mango

Care Bears Cotton Candy
Taste of Nature Inc.
(310) 396-4433
Booth 629
Care Bears Cotton Candy hits retail shelves well before Artisan Enter-tainment’s Oct. 19. 2004 release of the latest Care Bears video – the first in 12 years. Care Bears Cotton Candy includes three flavors in each 2.5-ounce package – pina colada, Circus Pink and blue raspberry. The product, which boasts a 9-month shelf life, comes in a 24-count case and can be placed on clip strips if required. Display-ready cases are available on request.

Crayola Candies
CandyRific LLC
(502) 893-3626
Booth 2643
CandyRific introduces interactive Crayola candies. Crayola 2n1 Sprayer has a sweet and a sour liquid sprayer. The Crayola Artist Pallet offers three different flavored powder dips and a lollipop artist’s paintbrush. Crayola Poppin’ Dip n Lick has two flavors of popping candy with a crayon-shaped lollipop dipper. Crayola Gummi Gel is a strawberry yogurt gel inside a crayon-shaped, twist-to-dispense container. All have a suggested retail price of 99 cents except the sprayer, which is $1.99. Displays are available.

(800) 57-ARCOR
Booth 2118
Rocklets, a lentil-sized confection available in chocolate-coated and peanut-and- chocolate coated varieties, will enter the American market with its introduction at the All Candy Expo. Rocklets has been reformulated for the American market to suit American tastes. They will be offered to all trade channels in snack size bags, changemakers, laydown bags and count goods and will be available in Halloween and Christmas seasonals.

Low-Carb Jelly Bellys
Jelly Belly Candy Co.
(800) 323-9380
Booth 412
Jelly Belly expands its low-carb offerings with the introduction of Sugar-Free Jelly Belly and Jelly Belly Sours reformulated to reduce carbohydrates and calories. Each 35-bean serving has only four net effective carbs and 90 calories, about one-third less than regular Jelly Belly beans. Packaging has been updated to tout the products as low-carb treats. Regular low-carb Jelly Bellys come in 10 flavors; sours come in five.

Spiderman Webspinner
R. L. Albert & Son, Inc.
(203) 622-8655
Booth 1408
A whistle on the bottom of the Spiderman Webspinner pop can be blown to create eerie, insect-like humming sounds. Kids can remove the drum from the top and whirl it around at different speeds to make a mysterious scale of sounds. Each pop is wrapped in clear cello inside a colorful, see-through plastic tube. Pops are available in Strawberry and Blue Raspberry, come packed in an 8/12-count display box and have a suggested retail price range of 99 cents to $1.29.

Sugar Free Sherbet Hard Candy
BestSweet Inc.
(888) 211-5530
Booth 2128
BestSweet Inc. introduces the first sherbet-flavored hard candy on the market. Baskin-Robbins Sugar Free Sherbet Hard Candy and Sour Sherbet Hard Candy sweetened with Splenda come in 3- and 4.2-ounce bags with suggested retail prices of $1.19 and $1.99. Sherbet flavors are Fruit Punch, orange, and Very Berry; Sour flavors are X-treme Berry, green apple, and watermelon. Sherbets are available in 12-count open stock cases, 72-count shipper displays, and 4/6 count clip strips.

Emily’s Chocolate Covered
Fortune Cookies
Ames International Inc.
(800) 4MY-AMES
Booth 347
Individually wrapped Emily’s Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies contain love messages inside each cookie. The red, fingerprint-resistant, wire-handled package looks like a Chinese food take-out container, and is decorated with a kanji character that means “love.” Suggested retail price for the 3.5-ounce box is $4.99.

Chick Chocolates
Seattle Chocolate Co.
(800) 334 -3600
Booth 1348
Created by women for women, bite-sized Chick Chocolates are all-natural, premium chocolates with a tongue-in-cheek message. Strong Chick is calcium-fortified 37 percent cacao milk chocolate; Nutty Chick is studded with dry roasted almond and bits of toffee in 37 percent cacao milk chocolate; and Extreme Chick is made from 55 percent cacao dark chocolate embedded with roasted cacao nibs. Chick Chocolates are available in a three-piece pocket box resembling a lipstick, and in a two-piece flow-wrapped change maker. Suggested retail prices are $3 and $1 respectively.

Lite Pop LLC
(858) 509-9777
Booth 256
California-based engineer and inventor Richard Johnson has created Lite-Pop, an illuminated lollipop that can stay lit continuously for six to eight hours and can be seen from up to a mile away. Johnson’s patented design is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Lite-Pop is available in a variety of flavors and holiday themes, such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Easter. Suggested retail price is 99 cents.

Chocolate Mint, LifeSavers Canes
Bobs Candies Inc.
(800) 841-3602
Booth 1605
Bobs Chocolate Mint Candy Canes are made with real cocoa powder and are packed 12 canes to a tray. LifeSavers 10-count Candy Canes offer five different flavors. Both are packed 36 trays to a case.

Dentyne Tango
Cadbury Adams USA
(877) 492-3267
Booth 1618
Dentyne Tango delivers long-lasting, intense berry flavor without a menthol hit, according to Cadbury Adams.

Mini Classic Hint Mint
Hint Mint
(213) 765-6468
Booth 547
Peppermint and Cinnamint Mini Classic Hint Mints are tiny, sugar-free, and are packaged in delicate tins the size of a matchbook. The curved, slide-to-open 1920s cigarette-style tin is adorned with Art Deco detailing. Like the rest of Hint Mint’s Classic line, Mini Classics are vegan, kosher and contain no animal products. Suggested retail price is $1.99.

BestSweet Inc.
(888) 211-5530
Booth 2128
BestSweet launches a new candy brand, i.candy (Interactive Candy), with the introduction of their newest novelty products: Sucker Punch Lollipops, Dippin’ Dolphin Pops, and Bubble Gum Spy Notes. Sucker Punch Lollipops are fruit-flavored boxing glove-shaped suckers with a punch-action handle. Dippin’ Dolphin Pops are dolphin-shaped suckers with a sour candy powder base, available in strawberry, green apple, and blue raspberry. Bubble Gum Spy Notes are packaged in a briefcase-shaped container that includes two sheets each of green apple and strawberry-flavored bubble gum, spy pen with edible ink, four top-secret envelopes, and a pair of mini handcuffs. Suggested retail prices are $1. Both a 12-count counter and 120-count combo floor display are available.

Goetze’s Gourmet Caramels
Goetze’s Candy Co. Inc.
(410) 342-2010
Booth 1015
Goetze’s Gourmet Caramels are made with real cream and do not contain any trans fats. The square-shaped caramels will be sold in a 3-pound, stand-up, resealable, gussetted bag; 14-ounce laydown bag and a 9-ounce peg bag. Bags are printed in English and Spanish and include recipes. The two larger bags include sticks for making caramel-dipped apples.

Sweethearts Gum
(800) 225-5508
Booth 718
Loving sentiments are printed on both sides of Sweethearts Gum. This heart-shaped, sugar-free, Spenda-sweetened, zero net carb chewing gum in assorted colors and flavors comes from NECCO. The tableted gum, encapsulated in a blister pack for freshness and product integrity, is made with a cold-compression process that results in an intense, long-lasting flavor, according to the company. Flavors include Fruit Blast, Boomin’ Berry, Juicy Orange, Green Apple and Luscious Lemonade.

Candy Cosmetics
Frankford Candy
(800) 523-9090
Booth 2206
Candy Compact and Candy Lipstick are made for the little ones who want to play dress up and snack at the same time. The lipstick has a working mirror on the cap and comes in green apple, blue raspberry and strawberry flavors. The compact also has a working mirror, plus a candy stick with two flavors for dipping. Suggested retail price for both items is 99 cents.

Airheads Cotton Candy Bubble Gum
Perfetti Van Melle
(859) 283-1234
Booth 1629
This new Airheads gum is billed as “The Bubble Gum That Thinks It’s Cotton Candy.” It has the consistency and visual appeal of cotton candy, but once it’s chewed, there is an unexpected transformation into bubble gum.

Fortified Creamy Lollipops
Chupa Chups U.S.A.
(678) 443-3200
Booth 1824
Chupa Chups expects its new vitamin A-, D- and calcium-fortified lollipops, endorsed by popular athlete Mia Hamm, to score big with moms and kids. Creamy Lollipop flavors are Strawberries & Cream, Choco Vanilla, Strawberry Yogurt and Peach Yogurt. They are available in a 12-count peg bag, 30-count laydown bag and 100-count tub.

Mike and Ike in Bags
Just Born Inc.
(800) 445-5787
Booth 1414
Designed for on-the-go snacking, Mike and Ike is now available in 2.12-ounce pouches graced with bold, colorful new graphics. Just Born has also pumped up the chewy candies’ taste with the addition of more fruit juice flavor to a smaller piece size. A new flavor, strawberry, has also been added to Mike and Ike Original Fruits. Other varieties are Tropical Typhoon, Berry Blast and Jolly Joes singles.

Pop Rocks Limón
Pop Rocks Inc.
(866) 570-8800
Booth 856
New Pop Rocks Limón combines sour lemon Pop Rocks candy and salt and is designed to satisfy Hispanic consumers. Available in 24-count display boxes, it has a suggested retail price of 25 cents.

Too Tarts SmartChoice
Innovative Candy Concepts
(404) 696-4178
Booth 100
Innovative Candy Concepts is the first company to convert its entire product line to a formulation that contains no refined sugar. The Too Tarts brand for kids, which includes Sour Blast and Super Sweet spray candies, Xtra Sour Goo, UFOs and Suck Ups, will now be made with fruit juice concentrates equivalent to 100 percent juice. Calorie content will be reduced 50 to 60 percent.
Too Tarts will be sweetened primarily with Jammy Juice, the company’s exclusive fruit juice concentrate blend that it uses in the Suck Ups brand, plus very small amounts of sucralose, glycerin and Acesulfame K.
Despite the costs incurred in the product conversion, the company plans to keep suggested retail prices the same, at 99 cents to $1.29 per item.

Words of Aloha
Hawaiian Host Inc.
(310) 532-0543
Booth 638
Words of Aloha heart-shaped boxes contain 7.8 ounces of individually wrapped milk chocolate-coated Macadamia Chocolates and Caramel Macadamia Clusters. Wrappers are printed with Hawaiian words of affection such as Ua No ‘olua Au (I am yours) and Ku ‘uipo (Sweetheart). Suggested retail price range is $8.99 to $9.99.

New Age Confectionery
Ferndale Confectionery U.S.A.
Booth 1358
This line of “New Age Confectionery” from Australia includes sugar-free, fruit-flavored Jols pastilles in black currant, Forest Berries and orange flavors; sugar-free, long-lasting, minty licorice Licorette; sugar-free, extra-strong Jila Mints and Jila Gum; Glean dental gum; mini French Bon Bons and Bozo Bubblegum Balls.

Low-Carb Luna Glow
Clif Bar Inc.
(800) 586-2227
Clif Bar Inc.’s nutrition bar marketed to women is now available in three low-carbohydrate flavors. Luna Glow, with 2 to 3 net carbs and 140 calories per 1.2-ounce bar, is available in Chocolate Peanut Crunch, Fudge Almond Brownie and Strawberry Caramel Sundae. The bar provides all the essential vitamins and minerals unique to women’s nutritional needs, contains no trans-fats and is the first low-carb bar certified kosher. It has a suggested retail price range of $1.39 to $1.49.

Tastee Bubbles
Vitech America
(253) 395-0401
Booth 756
Kids can blow these edible candy bubbles and catch them in their mouths. The 2.37-fluid-ounce packs come with three individual flavor pouches of apple, grape and strawberry. Suggested retail price is $2.99. The container is uniquely shaped to distinguish it from soap bubbles and is designed to require parental assistance for filling.

Pecan Daintie Display
Anthony Thomas Candy Co.
(877) 226-3921
Booth 2652
Anthony Thomas’ milk chocolate-covered, Buttery Caramel and crunchy Pecan Dainties are featured in a new counter display that holds 20 2-ounce individually wrapped candies. Suggested retail price range is 99 cents to $1.25. Cases hold six boxes.

Spider-Man Line
Au’some Candies Inc.
(732) 951-8818
Booth 229
Three new interactive candies based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man are available from Au’some Candies. Spider-Man Snerdles Webstring comes in a dispenser holding two rolls of string, one Sour Blue Raspberry and one Sour Strawberry Pucker flavor. The 1.83-ounce, sour Spider-Man Taste Tube Torpedo contains a gummy spider suspended in candy gel. The Spider-Man Super Sour Shaker is a fruit-flavored lollipop that kids can lick, cover and shake to coat with Au’some Sour Powder. All three Spider-Man candies have a suggested retail price of 99 cents.

Coffee Rio Lo Carb
Adams & Brooks Inc.
(213) 749-3226
Booth 1418
Sugar Free Coffee Rio Lo Carb hard candy caramels have zero sugar carbs. Available in Sugar Free Original, Sugar Free Espresso and Sugar Free Latte, bite-sized Coffee Rio is made with premium coffee. Made with sucralose high intensity sweetener, the candy has 10 grams of total carbohydrates from sugar alcohols, for an end result of zero net sugar carbs. Each colorful 3.5-ounce package has a suggested retail price of $1.59.

Dum Dum
Gum Pops
Spangler Candy Co.
(419) 636-4221
Booth 1218
Bubble gum fillings are surrounded by six different popular flavors in Dum Dum Gum Pops in 8- and 35-gram sizes. Flavors include cherry, apple, grape, watermelon, strawberry and blue raspberry. Miniature gum pops are available in 7.7- and 12.1-ounce bags packed 24 per case. The larger pops come in a 24-count display box packed 12 per case.

Melaté Silhouettes
Melaté Inc.
(858) 405-4806
Booth 456
The Melaté Silhouettes line of candy-coated, chocolate dipped espresso beans is an upscale gift item in an artful replica of a traditional coffee can. Silhouettes are available in three flavors, which are color-matched to the can: Raspberry in pink, Ice Coffee in green and Hazelnut in cream. Each tin contains 8 ounces of candy and has a suggested retail price of $12.

Bubblicious Burst Gums and Pops
Cadbury Adams USA
(877) 492-3267
Booth 1618
Bubblicious Burst Gums have a flavorful liquid center. The flavor assortment includes Strawberry Bomb, Green Apple Flood and Thunderin’ Bubble Gum. It is available in 10- and 20-piece assorted bags. Bubblicious Burst Pops feature “three layers of fun” – a hard candy shell, gum, and liquid center. Flavors are Strawberry Splash, Savage Sour Apple and Blue Blowout. Pops are available in 15-count bags and a 36-count singles display.

Harry Potter Artifact Candies
Cap Candy, a subsidiary of
Hasbro Inc.
(707) 251-9321
Booth 1614
In anticipation of the June 2004 release of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the third film based on the blockbuster Harry Potter book series, Cap introduces candies inspired directly from its pages. Fizzing Whizbees popping candy features vibrantly colored orange, strawberry and blue raspberry flavors in each package. Suggested retail price is $1.99. Acid Pop, a “dramatically sour – so sour it hurts” green lollipop, finishes with a “delightfully sweet” flavor. Suggested retail price is 99 cents.

European Chocolate
2004 Holiday Collection
Nestlé USA Inc.
(818) 549-6000
Booth 410
Nestlé’s new Holiday Collection includes Perugina Premium Boxed Chocolates, Perugina Caffé & Biscotti, Nestlé After Eight Thin Mints Shipper with Holiday Sleeve, Nestlé After Eight Biscuits & Mints and Nestlé Quality Street Nutcracker. Perugina boxes range from 4.1- to 7.5 ounces and have suggested retail prices from $7.30 to $8.99. Caffé & Biscotti, which includes 1.1 pounds of Classic Roast Caffé, has a suggested retail price of $7.30. After Eight Thin Mints have a suggested retail price of $3.99 for 10.58 ounces. After Eight Biscuits & Mints are $11.50 for 8.8 ounces. Nestlé Quality Street Nutcracker contains an assortment of individually wrapped milk and dark chocolat

Everyday Chocolate Lollypops
Madelaine Chocolate Novelties
(800) 322-1505
Booth 2005
Madelaine’s foiled milk chocolate lollypops feature “funky frogs, hilarious hippos, grinning giraffes, amusing monkeys, dotty Dalmatians and floppy-eared elephants” on gold, green, blue, red, pink and purple foil. The pops work as an everyday treat or party favor. Counter top displays hold 60 3/8-ounce lollypops, and there are six displays per carton.

Malibu Flashin’ Lix
Malibu Toys
(818) 772-7888
Malibu Toys unwraps its new Flashin’ Lix interactive, hard candy and jelly light-up lollipops in regular and seasonal varieties. Flavors include strawberry, green apple, cherry, orange, lemon/lime and grape. Shapes include rocket ships, dinosaurs, racing cars, aliens, dolphins and teddy bears. Seasonal shapes include hearts, witches, vampires, black cats, pumpkins, ghosts, Santa, Rudolph, Hermey and Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster. Suggested retail price is $1.99.

Mean Green Blow Pops
Charms Co.
(773) 838-3400
Booth 1718
Mean Green Blow Pops have a translucent lime-flavored candy shell that houses a brightly colored lime-flavored green gum in the center. The intense coloration of the gum coats the tongue a “mean green.” Boxes contain 48 pops; there are 12 shelf boxes per master case. Suggested retail price is 10 cents per pop. Promotional support includes off-invoice allowances.

Golden Stream Launches New Branding Strategy, Trail Mixes
Golden Stream Quality Foods
(317) 567-2712
Booth 1401
Golden Stream Quality Foods introduces a new line of healthy trail mixes.
As part of a new branding strategy, all Golden Stream snacks will be folded into the newly acquired Harmony brand, featuring new packaging and an updated logo. Snacks will be in two categories, Harmony and Harmony Xtreme.
The new Harmony Xtreme Trail Mix of nutritious and wholesome ingredients features Golden Stream’s innovative Prostick™ -- a crunchy blend of soy protein and chicory fiber fortified with vitamins and minerals.
Harmony Xtreme trail mixes offer protein and fiber, are low in fat, contain no trans-fats and are a good source of 12 vitamins and minerals. The new mixes are available in Strawberry Fields, Banana Nut, Caramel Sour Apple and Hot Cinnamon Apple. Packaged in a 4-ounce pouch, they have an approximate retail price of $3.49.
In addition, new Harmony snacks in 4- and 5-ounce re-sealable pouches will be sold in most mainstream retail outlets for $2.99. These include: Up & At ‘Em Trail Mix of yogurt-coated soy granola, dried strawberries and bananas for an on-the-go breakfast; sweet Banana Split Trail Mix of yogurt, chocolate and fruit flavors containing only four grams net carbohydrates; and sweet, salty, crisp and crunchy P’Nutty Explosion Trail Mix with only 4 grams net carbohydrates.

Glow in the Dark Snickers, M&M’S
Masterfoods USA,
a division of Mars Inc.
(908) 852-1000
Booth 2133
Thanks to new technology, Masterfoods USA is unveiling a new “trick” this Halloween. The wrappers on its best-selling fun-size brands, including Snickers, M&M’S Milk Chocolate Candies and M&M’S Peanut Candies will glow in the dark. “Halloween is back and hotter than ever – and this year it falls on a weekend, which is great news for young trick-or-treaters,” notes lifestyle expert Deborah Durham.

Sweet ‘N Low
Simply Lite Foods Corp.
(631) 543-9600
Booth 1814
Sweet ‘N Low is a new, zero net carb, hard candy line with a flavor burst center. Flavors are Butterscotch, International Coffee, Fruits ‘N Crème, Fruit Flavors, Butter Toffee, Summer Fruit, Chocolate Caramel ‘n Crème and Peppermint. Suggested retail price for the 2.75-ounce bag is $1.55.

Individually Wrapped Twists
Kenny’s Candy Co.
(800) 782-5152
Booth 735
Kenny’s Candy’s line of Juicy Twists is now individually wrapped. The line includes: Juicy Twists and Sour Juicy Twists in 1-ounce size; Super Juicy Twists and Sour Super Juicy Twists in 2-ounce size; bulk twists in pieces 2 1/2-inches and larger and the complete line of 16-ounce laydown bags. Flavors are Green Apple, Watermelon, Bitter Berry and Sour Green Apple. Suggested retail price for 1-ounce twists is 25 cents, and for 2-ounce twists, 69 cents.

Chubby Checker Creates Snack Line
CorBranz Marketing Group LLC
(816) 628-1229
Pop music icon Chubby Checker, King of the Twist, has turned snack food entrepreneur with his creation of Chubby Checker Snacks. The line includes Chubby’s Checkerbar, Chubby Checker Brand Beef Jerky, Outside the Bun Hot Dogs, New York Twist Steaks, Golden Hits Gourmet Popcorn and Girl of the World Bottled Water. CorBranz Marketing Group, LLC will market the brand worldwide for Checker’s company, Last Twist Inc.
Checker is currently launching his brand in North America, Australia and Europe with plans to distribute to supermarkets, convenience, drug and club stores, mass merchandisers and quick-service restaurant chains.
High-impact in-store merchandising programs will leverage Chubby’s name and retro/nostalgia appeal with colorful floor, wing and counter displays, some in the shape of jukeboxes. Checker also plans personal appearances to promote the brand.

Flag Mints
Sunrise Confections
(915) 877-1192
Booth 1239
These classic Peppermint Starlight Mints are elegantly wrapped in red, white and blue metallized film printed with the stars and stripes. Mints are available in a 3-pound tub, packed six to a displayable case, or in trays on a display pallet. Each tub contains more than 250 pieces.

Sugar-Free Cremosa Lollipops
Chupa Chups U.S.A.
(678) 443-3200
Booth 1824
Cremosa is the first sugar-free Chupa Chups lollipop introduced in the United States. Available in a rich strawberries and cream flavor, Cremosa has zero sugar carbs. Chupa Chups also introduces a line of Vitamin C-fortified lollipops in strawberry, cherry, orange and watermelon flavors.

Novelty Lollipops
Frankford Candy
(800) 523-9090
Booth 2206
Nick Candy Dig ‘n Dips are three candies in one – a lollipop, tangy powdered candy and shaped candy pieces. Also from Frankford is Toon Pop, an edible icing cartoon character inside a hard candy lollipop. Suggested retail price for both items is 99 cents.

Spiderman Licker Pop with Whistle
R. L. Albert & Son, Inc.
(203) 622-8655
Booth 1408
This interactive candy toy is a clear plastic tube with a whistle and lollipop on one end and a “wobbly” head on the other. Kids can make a loud clicking sound by banging the head against the two outstretched arms. Available in strawberry and blue raspberry, Spiderman Licker Pop has a suggested retail price range of 99 cents to $1.29.

Junk Food
Squire Boone Village
(800) 234-1804
Booth 2211
Fat-free Junk Food Gummis shaped like pizza, burgers, hot dogs and ice cream are Tutti Frutti-flavored. Wrapped, bar coded singles packed in self-merchandising, 65-count tubs have a suggested retail price of two for 25 cents. Hand tag packages of four Junk Food Gummis come packed 12 per merchandising box to be pegged or sold from the box. Suggested retail price is 99 cents.

Rock’n Cotton Candy
Vitech America
(253) 395-0401
Booth 756
Rock'n Cotton Candy in individual pouches features exploding candy rocks in every bite. The newest product from Tagged Creations, a Vitech America company, Rock'n Cotton Candy comes in Gravelin Grape and Pop'n Punch flavors and has a suggested retail price of $1.59.

Fruit & Chocolate
Liberty Orchards Co. Inc.
(800) 231-3242
Booth 1226
Liberty Orchards’ new line of premium Fruit & Chocolate is comprised of bite-sized, sun-dried fruits covered in milk chocolate and panned in colorful fruit-flavored coatings. Fruits include blueberry, bing cherry, apricot, strawberry, cranberry and spiced apple. Assortments and individual flavors are showcased in windowed, 10-ounce gift boxes with a suggested retail price of $5.99, and resealable 5-ounce gusseted bags at $2.99.

StrawberriCream Cow Tales
Goetze’s Candy Co.
(410) 342-2010
Booth 1015
Goetze’s adds a new flavor, StrawberriCream, to its Cow Tales line of 1-ounce caramel bars with creamy centers. Offered in 12 Stand-Up Boxes in a 36-count case and a Tumbler Comber with a 100-count case, suggested retail price is 25 cents.

Grab ‘n Go Line
Asher’s Chocolates
(800) 223-4420
Booth 333
Seven of Asher’s low-carb, sugar-free confections are now available in easy-to-close, resealable 4-ounce bags featuring distinctive graphics. Bags can be hung on pegs or stand on shelves. Milk chocolate varieties include: Almond Butter Toffee, Peanut Clusters, Pecan Caramel Patties, Mini Peanut Butter Cups and Vanilla Caramels. Mint Patties and Raspberry Jellies are available in dark chocolate.

Blink Blink
Squire Boone Village
(800) 234-1804
Booth 2211
Blink Blink candy suckers can be worn as a glow stick necklace or played with as a bright LED flashlight. The switch has three settings – slow blink, fast blink and continuous light. Self-contained, non-replaceable batteries provide more than six hours of continuous light. Packed in 12-count merchandisers, Blink Blink has a suggested retail price of $1.99.

Seasonal Boxed Chocolate
Queen Anne Candy,
a Division of
Gray & Co.
(800) 551-6009
Booth 523
The new Queen Anne Seasonal Boxed Chocolate line includes: Truffle Blueberries, glacé blueberries surrounded by a white chocolate truffle; Caramel Cherries, whole glacé cherries surrounded by caramel and Truffle Cherries, whole cherries surrounded by a chocolate truffle. Suggested retail price is $4.99. Truffles are 10 ounces, caramels are 9 ounces.

Candy Dish Chocolates
Guylian USA Inc.
(800) 803-4123
Booth 529
Guylian debuts its new line of Belgian chocolate “candy dish” chocolates with Seahorse Twists in marbled chocolate with hazelnut praline center, milk chocolate with truffle filling and dark chocolate with orange cream filling. Shaped like seahorses, hermetically sealed and individually twist-wrapped, Seahorse Twists are available in easily merchandised stand-up Impulse Packs. Suggested retail price range for the 4.3- to 4.9-ounce bags is $2.99 to $3.99.

New Everyday Line
Queen Anne Candy, a Division of Gray & Co.
(800) 551-6009
Booth 523
Queen Anne’s new everyday line of panned glacé fruit in a stand-up cardboard pouch comes in three milk chocolate-covered varieties. Chocolate Covered Blueberries, Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Chocolate Covered Cherries are all five ounces and have a suggested retail price of $2.99.

Holiday Tweety and Taz Pops
Adams & Brooks Inc.
(800) 999-9808
Booth 1418
For Halloween and Christmas, Adams & Brooks rolls out two new 12-ounce laydown/take-home bags of lollipops featuring Warner Bros. Studio’s Looney Tunes characters, Tweety and Taz. Both Twick o Tweet Fun Pops and Taz & Tweety Holiday Pops bags contain fruity sweet Tweety and sour fruit Taz 17-gram pops in appropriate colors. Each bag contains 20 lollipops and has a suggested retail price range of $1.99 to $2.99. A 24-count displayable case pack is available. Shipping begins July 14 for Halloween pops and Oct. 1 for Christmas pops.

NASCAR Candies
R. M Palmer Co.
(610) 372-8971
Booth 1030
Each Christmas NASCAR Stocking Boot is decorated in the color scheme and with the number of a popular NASCAR driver. Stockings are filled with foiled Double Crisp racing cars. Suggested retail price is $4.99. The NASCAR Helmet Box contains foiled “helmets” made with a chocolaty crisp shell and creamy fudge center.

Fresh Citrus PocketPaks
Pfizer Consumer Health Care
(973) 385-3094
Booth 2631
Fresh Citrus Listerine PocketPaks oral care strips provide the same germ killing power found in other Listerine PocketPaks flavors, but with a refreshing, less intense experience, Pfizer says. Breath-freshening Fresh Citrus Listerine PocketPaks are available in 24-count single pack sleeves, 24-count single packs and 72-count three-packs. Other flavors include original Cool Mint, FreshBurst, and cinnamon

Sunrise Confections
(915) 877-1192
Booth 1239
Sunrise adds three new items – all gummies -- to its 20% More Free Bonus Bag line. Sour Neon Worms in a 6.5-ounce bag, Gummie Bears and Gummie Worms in 10.5-ounce bags all have a suggested retail price of 99 cents. All 10 Bonus Bag items ship in a 24-count displayable case.

Café Lollipops
Van Wyk Confectiones
(303) 346-3295
Booth 561
Van Wyk takes favorite coffee treats and makes them into lollipops. Made with a hint of coffee, Café Lollipops come in Raspberry Mochaccino, Vanilla Choco-latte, Orange Mochaccino, Choco-Banana Espresso, Snickerdoodle Latte and Caramel Apple Mochaccino. The 1-ounce pops come 50 per counter top display tub, with six tubs per case. Suggested retail price is 49 cents.

Lil Bratz Candy
Cool Sour Gummy Hearts
Imaginings 3, Inc.
Booth 1507
Licensed Lil Bratz products are in great demand, according to Imaginings 3, which debuts Lil Bratz Candy Cool Sour Gummy Hearts. In assorted flavors and a theater-size box; they have a suggested retail price range of 99 cents to $1.29 and may be purchased in cases of 12 or a floor display.

Jumping Animals
Be Amazing! Products
(877) 798-9795
Booth 852
This manufacturer of interactive novelty candy and educational and science toys introduces spring-loaded Jumping Monkey, Jumping Frog and Jumping Dolphin. Filled with shaped dextrose candies, the animals jump two feet high when pressed down on a flat surface. Suggested retail price is 99 cents. Counter displays hold 24.

King Leo Soft Puffs and Soft Sticks
Quality Candy Co.
(760) 765-1891
New King Leo Soft Puffs and Soft Sticks in elegant gable boxes are soft and creamy candy made from the "time-honored, hand-crafted-to-perfection" tradition of King Leo. Soft Peppermint Puffs in Peppermint, Key Lime and Strawberries and Cream are eight ounces. Soft Sticks in Peppermint and Cinnamon are 12 ounces. Suggested retail price range is $1.99 to $2.99. Twelve-count display trays are available.

Bob the Builder PEZ
PEZ Candy Inc.
(203) 795-0531
Booth 2423
PEZ’s candy dispenser assortment, based on the popular Bob the Builder children’s television show, features Bob the Builder, his friend Wendy, Pilchard the cat, Scoop the digger and Spud the scarecrow. The assortment features a dispenser wrapped in a colorful, see-through poly bag with two rolls of PEZ candy refills and a themed blister card with three rolls of refills. The poly bag is available in a 24-count counter display, shipping 12 per case or in a 144-count floor display shipper. The blister card ships 12 packs of six per case. Suggested retail price is 99 cents for the poly bag and $1.49 for the blister card.

Legendary Jelly Beans
Maccabeans LLC
(800) 530-2326
Booth 153
Billed as “mighty, strong and full-bodied,” Legendary Jelly Beans are kosher and available in a 2-ounce flat cello bag and 8.5-ounce stand-up gusseted pouch with zipper closure. Flavors are: cherry, strawberry, blueberry, lime, coconut, raspberry, grape, orange, green apple and lemon. Counter displays hold 24.

King Leo
English Toffee
Candy Co.
(760) 765-1891
Belgian chocolate and fresh almonds go into the handcrafted, new King Leo’s English Toffee. Packed in an elegant, sleek oval tin with an easy-stacking lid, the 16-ounce package has a suggested retail price of $18.99. Cases hold 12 tins.

Crème de la Creme Lollipops
Van Wyk Confectiones
(303) 346-3295
Booth 561
These fruit and cream lollipops are 1-ounce and retail for 49 cents. Flavors are Blueberries & Crème, Straw-banana & Crème, Peaches & Crème, Strawberries & Crème, Caramel Apple & Crème and Raspberries & Crème. They are available in a 50-count countertop display tub.

Valentine Candy Card
All in One Pack
Regent Confections Inc.
(407) 240-5136
Booth 733
Each card comes with a 6-inch flat chew toffee filled with a sour center, and each piece of candy has a different love note on the wrapper. Kids can personalize their valentines by mixing and matching the cards with the sayings. Candy flavors include Sour Apple, Lemonlime, Cherry and Orange. Boxes contain 30 cards; there are 24 boxes per carton.

Falize Truffles
Acme Import Co.
(800) 747-0332
Booth 636
Acme introduces Original Hazelnut and Coffee Flavored cocoa-dusted, creamy chocolate-filled truffles from the French chocolate manufacturer Falize. Packaged in a ballotin box, which is shaped like a jewelry case, the 7.05-ounce boxes are compact and convenient. An inner foil pouch keeps the candy fresh. Cases have 16 boxes.

Red Vines Sugar Free Vines
American Licorice Co.
(800) 220-2399
Booth 815
Red Vines brand re-launches its Sugar Free Vines in revitalized packaging that highlights the product’s important consumer benefits. Besides being sugar-free, they are fat-free and have only 8 grams of net carbs per serving. American Licorice also introduces a new flavor, cherry, to its line-up of strawberry and black licorice. Sugar Free Vines are available in 6-ounce hanging bags, ship in 12-count cases and have a suggested retail price of $1.49.

Clif Builder’s
Clif Bar Inc.
(800) 884-5254
Clif Builder’s bar is the only all-natural protein bar on the market, according to Clif Bar Inc. Ingredients include organic rolled oats, soy protein, nuts and organic sunflower oil, and the bars boast a soft, yet crunchy texture. Clif Builder’s contains 20 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. Flavors are Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Cookies ‘n Cream. The bars do not contain any trans-fats or hydrogenated oils or preservatives and are not sourced with wheat, dairy or bio-engineered ingredients. Bars are certified kosher. Suggested retail price is $1.89.

New Pack Offerings
American Gum Co.
(734) 483-2620
Booth 352
Chewing gum from American Gum Co. is available in two new configurations. Resuable Storage Quality Gum Tubs contain 42 pieces of peppermint and mixed fruit gum. Suggested retail price is $1. The 5-Pack Multi-Pack Counter Display includes 10 multi-packs per display box. Each multi-pack includes five packs of gum and each pack contains five sticks of gum. Flavors include spearmint, peppermint, cinnamon and Tutti Fruitti. Suggested retail price is 50 cents.