Starting today, Jimmy John’s is permanently adding a new dessert to its cookie line-up.

A trifecta of semi-sweet chocolate, cocoa, and melted chocolate comes together for Jimmy John's new Fudge Chocolate Brownie, which is the latest Jimmy John’s menu addition. The best news is that it’s not just for a limited time, it’s here for good.

“Our new Fudge Chocolate Brownies are not your average sandwich-shop dessert,” said Dustin Hilinski, director of culinary innovation, Jimmy John’s. “Each fudgy bite melts in your mouth, is loaded with chocolatey goodness and stands up to any homemade brownie. We've tested a lot of desserts, and this one was the clear winner deserving a permanent spot on our menu. And for brownie connoisseurs who swear by the edge piece, or are passionate about the center, you're both in luck. Jimmy John's Fudge Chocolate Brownies come in both the edge and center pieces, depending on which brownie you choose. Jimmy John's vote? They are both delicious."

The Fudge Chocolate Brownie starts at $1.99 and is available nationwide via, the Jimmy John’s app, and at all Jimmy John’s locations beginning today.