BEMA’s mission is to connect and serve through the provision of education and resources to our members and the industries they serve. This includes sharing information through a range of innovative storytelling media. 

In order to better connect with members and share these stories with a wider audience, BEMA recently launched two new podcast formats: On a Roll with Kerwin Brown and In the Kitchen with Kelly and Emily, both featuring the unique perspectives of BEMA staff members and their industry guests. 

The industry On a Roll

Grab your favorite bakery product and pull a chair up to the table as Kerwin Brown explores the personal stories of industry leaders and the obstacles they’ve overcome to get to where they are today. Check out Episode 1 of On a Roll with Kerwin Brown: Industrial Trends in the Baking Industry on the BEMA website under BEMA News/Podcasts.

Gather In the Kitchen

The best conversations often take place with friends in the kitchen. Join Kelly Allen and Emily Bowers In the Kitchen as they create a specialty cocktail and whip up some delicious baked goods “measured with love” while sharing behind-the-scenes BEMA content and information. 

Hear about upcoming events, networking opportunities and industry topics in a fun and casual format. Check out In the Kitchen with Kelly and Emily Episodes 1 and 2: What to Expect at BEMA Convention 2023 and What to Wear at BEMA Convention 2023 available at News/Podcasts.

“At the heart of BEMA is our desire to connect with and to tell the stories of the many people who are responsible for shaping our industry today and in the future,” said Kerwin Brown, CEO, BEMA. “These podcasts are a great way to have fun as we learn more about our community and their many contributions.”

Access anywhere

Access any of the BEMA podcasts using a free podcast player from YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher or RadioPublic.