Circana, formerly IRI and The NPD Group, has announced the launch of AlwaysOn Analytics, a solution that empowers clients to analyze real-time data through advanced algorithms for immediate, actionable insights. AlwaysOn Analytics is now available through Circana’s Unify+ software, providing clients with seamless, broadly available access to sophisticated analytics for real-time decision making. 

“In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, the cost of waiting weeks or months for insights is simply too high,” said Amy Marentic, president, global solutions, Circana. “AlwaysOn Analytics empowers our clients with actionable insights in near real time, delivering immediate value across our clients’ entire organizations and enabling them to make more informed decisions that propel their businesses forward with unwavering confidence.”

AlwaysOn Analytics will start with six apps, with additional capabilities will be available in Q4 2023.

  • Price sensitivities equips businesses with real-time data and scalable insights to make pricing and promotion decisions, enabling them to take accurate and timely actions in response to evolving market conditions.
  • Price opportunity enables businesses to gain a competitive edge by leveraging sensitivities to identify revenue growth opportunities, optimizing pricing strategies, and maximizing profitability.
  • Price monitoring helps businesses minimize revenue loss by monitoring price execution compliance across products and geographies, enabling them to identify areas for improvement and track minimum advertised pricing violations for e-commerce sales.
  • Incrementality analysis accelerates updating strategies by offering an accurate and holistic view of shelf and space changes and consistent measurement across items, brands, segments, and categories for faster decision-making. 
  • Commercial spend optimization empowers businesses to optimize the allocation of their investments across media, marketing, and pricing to align spending with the most impactful channels and increase their return on investment.
  • Inflation monitor enables businesses to evaluate their pricing strategies compared to competitors, react quickly to mix impact, and identify tactical, in-the-moment pricing opportunities to activate in real time.

“Our clients can harness the full potential of data with AlwaysOn Analytics,” added Marentic. “The solution meets clients’ diverse needs with just the right balance of precision, speed, and scale at that critical moment when decisions are made.”

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