Fruit d’Or, a North American company that specializes in growing, harvesting, and processing organic cranberries and wild blueberries, will feature its entire Better-For-You portfolio during IFT FIRST 2023, including two new ingredients. The event takes place July 16–19 in Chicago.

“IFT is our biggest show of the year. We are excited to talk with the R&D and innovation managers at the beginning of their product development cycle because they are the ones innovating with our products. We look forward to hearing their reactions to our better-for-you portfolio,” exclaims Fruit d’Or Vice President of Business Development Sylvain Dufour.

According to the company, Fruit d’Or’s better-for-you portfolio is the latest example of its R&D team’s expertise in B2B, ingredients, and product development. “Our team is a cut above the rest, delivering true innovation and customized products to our clients across the globe,” comments Dufour.

Attendees that stop by booth S1751 during IFT FIRST can sample these better-for-you ingredients:

  • Unsweetened and soft gems (no sugar added, fiber-enriched, organic): Fruit d’Or unsweetened and soft cranberries contain no added sugar. For a soft and moist texture, the berries are infused with a soluble fiber which increases the fruit’s fiber content. Applications include trail mixes, bakery products, cereals and bars, and snacks.
  • Crunchy blueflakes (NEW) and cranflakes (organic, clean label, no sugar added): Only one ingredient, just fruit with a crunch. The berries reportedly retain all their benefits and natural goodness, including polyphenols. Applications include confectionary, granola, energy bars, cold cereals, and tea/herbal tea.
  • Cranberry and wild blueberry 100% fruit powders (no added sugar, antioxidants, clean label, organic): With no added sugar, preservatives, flavor, additives, or fillers, these powders offer a concentrated taste. It takes 37 pounds of cranberries to produce a single pound of 100% fruit powder. These whole fruit powders contain polyphenols and anthocyanins. Applications include dairy, energy bars, bakery, smoothies, and confectionery.
  • Cranberry seeds and dry seed extract (upcycled and sustainably sourced, clean label, organic): The red, crunchy little seeds are upcycled from Fruit d’Or’s cranberry production, making them a sustainable choice. The seeds and dry seed extract provide protein, fiber plus omega-3 and omega-6. Applications include energy bars, bakery, confectionery, and cereals.

Fruit d’Or states that it takes pride in knowing each of its products is processed to preserve its natural benefits. “We have fine-tuned our processes to bring out all of the natural goodness of the fruit,” confirms Dufour. “Our products contain zero additives, preservatives, added sugar, flavors, colors, or GMOs. With demonstrated authenticity, purity, and effectiveness, the quality of Fruit d’Or’s products is something our customers can trust.”