Pennsylvania-based Herr’s Inc. has announced the return of its limited-edition chip line, Sandwi-chips, available in stores now. Back by popular demand, Sandwi-chips, crafted with Herr’s flavor expertise, feature bold condiment flavors and a hearty crunch that aims to complement sandwiches.

The Sandwi-chips are available in four varieties, including the trio of Ketchup, Mustard, and Sweet Onion, along with a Spicy Pickle flavor, exclusive to select Wawa locations.

"Our decision to bring back Sandwi-chips was driven by the incredible response from our customers," said Ed Herr, chairman and CEO of Herr’s. "We've witnessed generations embracing the tradition of adding chips to sandwiches, especially during the warmer months. With Sandwi-chips, we're proud to offer a bold and crunchy chip that perfectly complements sandwiches."

Sandwi-chips boast an extra-bold flavor profile that surpasses traditional condiments, while their hearty crunch stands up against other sandwich toppings. Available for a limited time of twelve weeks beginning in April, Sandwi-chips are the ideal companion for picnics, barbecues, pool parties, and beach outings, says the brand.

Shoppers can find Herr’s Ketchup, Mustard, and Sweet Onion Sandwi-chips at retailers where Herr's is available today, with the Spicy Pickle flavor only available at Wawa stores. 

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