Company: Stacy’s Pita Chips


Introduced: November 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.68

Product Snapshot: In honor of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (November 19), Stacy’s Pita Chips is unveiling new packaging at Kroger stores nationwide to celebrate the key characteristics of female founders (inspired by Stacy’s own founder, Stacy Madison).

Illustrated by female artists, this is the first time the limited-edition Stacy’s Rise bags will be available at retail since the designs were unveiled earlier this year.

As pictured left-to-right, they are:

  1. Grit: Hard work, late nights, grit and unwavering determination are what’s required to make your dream come true. The impossible things are made possible by never giving up.
    • By Alexandra Bowman (@alexbowman) is an artist and designer living in Oakland, CA. She is inspired by outer space and illustrating authentic female experiences. 
  2. Success: Success means different things to different people, but most agree it’s when a dream becomes a reality. There’s nothing better than watching someone achieve their everything. 
    • By Jade Purple Brown (@jadepurplebrown) is a Visual Artist living in New York. Using bold blocks of color and strong female figures, Jade creates dynamic art that encourages herself and others to be more optimistic and free.  
  3. Inspiration: Whether it’s the moment when an idea strikes or the realization of a lifelong dream, all great businesses start with inspiration. Let your imagination run wild. Your potential is endless.
    • By Nomoco (@_nomoco), a Central St. Martins-trained Japanese artist who enjoys experimenting with various materials and craft-work, and has been especially focusing on playing with ink on paper and its organic movement. For the past few years, printmaking, such as silkscreen and lithography mixed with ink drawings, have been explored in her personal works.

Earlier this month, Stacy’s (together with Padma Lakshmi) announced Hakuna Brands founder Hannah Hong as the first $100k grand prize winner of its Stacy’s Rise Project grant and mentorship program, which also facilitates an online community of more than 1,400 businesswomen via Alice (a leading online resource for women and other minority entrepreneurs) and has awarded an additional $200k in business grants to deserving women this year.

Meanwhile, Stacy’s recent digital ad campaign, “Time to Rise,” includes short and insightful phrases to inspire women, such as, “The right way is harder. But so is everything else worth doing,” and “You can’t make anything great cutting corners. Especially with pita chips. Because corners are delicious.”