Company: PROVA Inc.

Ingredient Snapshot: Bill Graham, vice president sales North America, PROVA Inc., announced that the company is now offering NATURAL PROVANIL-US7, a technological, economical and consumer-preferred alternative to natural vanillin which was specially designed for high-fat systems and products undergoing high baking temperatures.

Mr. Graham said that the use level of NATURAL PROVANIL-US7 is the same – or even lower – than that of natural vanillin. He added, “Hand-in-hand with this cost-in-use advantage, there are strong technical benefits.  The finer crystals that comprise NATURAL PROVANIL-US7 allow for a higher degree of dispersion, without pre-dilution, resulting in a better flavoring yield while improving fat solubility and contributing to better heat resistance.” Graham also noted that NATURAL PROVANIL-US7 meets manufacturer and consumer demand for clean labels and natural ingredients.

“Our technical team has brought together technology and affordability in NATURAL PROVANIL-US7, making it the ideal natural vanillin alternative for chocolate, compound coating, bakery, biscuit dough, fat fillings, cereals and other applications,” said Graham. He emphasized that the PROVANIL brand has been proven effective in the marketplace, with decades of use in commercialized products worldwide.

Graham encouraged sample requests and noted that customers can experience the benefits of NATURAL PROVANIL-US7 for themselves, with technical support. “Our customers have the assurance that a member of PROVA’s technical team will be available to work side-by-side with them in developing formulations that feature NATURAL PROVANIL-US7 as a natural vanillin alternative.”