Company: Solvay


Ingredient Snapshot: Solvay has introduced new vanilla solutions under the brands Vanifolia and Vanifolia Bean. The new product offerings serve as cost-effective natural alternatives for vanilla extracts, adding to a growing portfolio of natural vanillin solutions such as the company’s recently introduced Rhovanil US NAT ingredient.

Solvay’s vanilla solutions bring the universally loved taste of vanilla to many applications such as chocolate, baked goods and ice cream. As vanilla bean prices show no sign of abating in the near future, Solvay’s Vanifolia and Vanifolia Bean meets consumers expectations for consistent quality and typical taste, whether seeking a flavor profile that is sweet, creamy or more rummy.

“Solvay’s strategy is to help customers make the switch to natural ingredients seamless and easy. We are strengthening our innovation capabilities to constantly progress in the development of natural solutions,” said Lucy Simek, executive vice president and general manager, Solvay Aroma Performance, Americas. “The new vanilla solution range fits under this group. Together with the recently introduced and successful Rhovanil US NAT ingredient, these products reinforce our position as a leader in the ever-changing food industry.”

As a naturally sourced ingredient that addresses steadily rising consumer demand for true-to-nature products, the Solvay Rhovanil US NAT ingredient meets stringent U.S. natural flavor regulations and is ideal for manufacturers looking to reformulate an existing product or to create a new one with a clean label status. This highly pure ingredient is easy-to-use and serves as a one-for-one drop-in replacement for synthetic vanillin. It delivers high intensity flavor and typical vanillin notes for an improved taste experience.

Innovation is also the focus of Solvay’s Vanil’Expert Center, a newly installed food application laboratory dedicated to the U.S. food market needs. Located in Princeton, N.J. – and connected with its sister units in Lyon, France and Shanghai, China – the center provides Solvay’s customers with technical and product development support across its range of vanillin-based systems with particular emphasis on the fast-growing trend toward the use of natural ingredients.

Solvay Group is also constantly seeking sustainable alternatives as part of its global innovation strategy. The company’s Aroma Performance facility in Baton Rouge, La., for example, is powered with solar energy from South Carolina’s largest solar installation in Jasper County.