Company: Ambo Foods Inc., Venice, Fla.
Web site:
Introduced: March
Distribution:Online only
Suggested Retail:$36.75 for a 32-oz. box of 15 cookies
Product Snapshot:Made with gluten-free oats and white rice flour, Omega Cookies contain Omega-3s equivalent to a salmon filet or seven fish oil capsules, 5 g. of fiber, 200% of daily value of Vitamin D and 35% calcium. They come in Tropical Fruit, Ginger Raisin, Dark Chocolate Chip and Cranberry varieties.
Ingredients (Cranberry):Gluten free oats, orange juice, purified fish oil, cranberries, egg whites, extra virgin olive oil, white rice flour, applesauce, honey, banana puree, natural vanilla extract, calcium citrate-carbonate, orange peel fiber, cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, xanthan, natural spices, Vitamin D3.