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I scream, you scream, we all scream for … pizza?
Nir Adar is the new Good Humor Man on the block and founder of Awana, Calif.-based Crispy Cones, the company that’s serving up pizza “summer-style” — in a cone, that is.
“I’ve been working in the food industry for the last 20 years, [and] my claim to fame is thinking out of the box …” Adar says. “For the last couple of years, I’ve been working on a new line of portable foods, [and] I called my project ‘The future of tradition.’ Since I live in New York, I was always wondering, ‘Is there a better, easier way to eat pizza?’”
While working in Rome in 2003, Adar had what he calls a “eureka” moment that answered his question: pizza in a cone.
“I called it Pizzacono and Conopizza,” Adar remarks. “I don’t think it will compete [against mainstream bakery products]. Instead of a meatball on a wedge, you will have a meatball in cone. Look at it as the new sliced bread or wrap.”
After conceptualizing his product, Adar realized that the cones shouldn’t be used exclusively for pizza.
“The idea is to change the way we eat on-the-go,” Adar explains. “This is the first … one-hand food delivery system that is drip-free, tastes great and comes in many different flavors to accommodate different fillings, is healthy and will not come in a super-size.”
Adar also points out that Crispy Cones are a good way for people to break up the monotony of on-the-go cuisine, and it promises to transfigure America’s approach to fast food while bettering the lives of consumers.
“The mission is simple,” he says. “The concept is graceful. By delivering healthy, delicious, fresh and convenient meals that do not drip, spill or cause unnecessary hassle, Crispy Cones provide a much-needed advance in food preparation and containment, marrying modern cuisine with the needs of the contemporary on-the-go consumer.”
The pizza cone is a perfect combination of traditional and cool, Adar says, mainly because it’s not only portable, fast and stylish, but also familiar.
Once developed, Adar’s next challenge entailed producing a cone that would look and taste as though it was made by hand.
“Each one [would be] unique, with a fresh, rich taste,” Adar says. “Unlike pizza dough, the cones would remain crispy and fresh.”
The resulting 6-in.-tall cone is created from a proprietary dough formula, complete with a drip-free bottom that bakes up crispy in a variety of appetizing flavors, such as original (slightly salted), whole wheat, pizza and sweet. Additionally, Adar notes that the cone can be filled with almost any food or dessert, enabling consumers to eat a satisfying, succulent and nutritious meal while conveniently talking on the phone, driving a car or walking down the street.
“I don’t see it as a niche product,” Adar says. “It will come in different flavors, but the feeling will be some of America’s most favorite foods, from chili in a tacocone to pizzacones with different toppings. We are joining the on-the-go market with an exiting new and innovative product … [and] believe the young generation is more then ready for a new ‘vessel.’”
The first Crispy Cones store recently opened in Arcadia, Calif. High-traffic, metropolitan areas such as Las Vegas and New York are ideal cities for future expansion, Adar says. In addition, microwaveable versions of Crispy Cones soon will be available in supermarkets and convenience stores, retailing for $3-$4.
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Chew on This
Crispy Cones can be filled with any food or dessert imaginable. Current options include pizza (Margherita, meatball, mushroom, pepperoni); Asian (Thai chicken, Teriyaki salmon, curried chicken); South of the Border (chipotle, chili, carnitas); American (Philly cheesesteak, BLT, bacon and eggs, tuna salad); salads (tomato mozzarella, Asian chicken, Caesar); and desserts (berry pie, cheesecake, apple pie).