Walmart Stores Inc. plans to add green and white seals to packaging that read, “Great for You,” as part of a multiyear campaign to promote healthier products and fight childhood obesity. The seals display a stylized outline of a human figure with its arms spread toward the sky. The new seal will start appearing on Walmart’s house-brand packages this spring.

Makers and sellers of food have come under fire for adding nutritional seals to the fronts of packages that the Food and Drug Administration has said have been misused in some cases. But the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), Washington, D.C., applauds Walmart’s front-of-pack labeling.

“Making the healthy choice the easy choice for busy parents and families is essential to tackling the U.S. childhood obesity crisis,” states (PHA) president and CEO Larry Soler. “Walmart fulfilled part of its commitments to PHA by implementing new front-of-pack labeling that helps Walmart customers quickly see which products are the healthier choice. Any visual cue that allows consumers to quickly differentiate healthier food options helps busy families, and we are pleased that Walmart continues to be a critical leader among a growing number of private sector organizations looking to end this epidemic.”

Sources:, The Associated Press, Partnership for a Healthier America