Ryan Technology introduces the Kwik Lok Stand, a mobile stand for Kwik Lok’s 872 Model automatic bag-closing machine. The universal unit can be used with right- or left-handed closers and features 3-in. locking casters, a nickel-plated steel frame and adjustable height and tilt. An optional bracket is available for the bag tensioner.

Ryan Technology Inc.

Hillsboro, Ore.




Fish Oven’s Mechanical Revolving Tray baking oven delivers even, consistent baking courtesy of revolving trays that move through all of its heat zones, averaging bake temperatures. A large baking cavity and a small door opening ensure that heat remains in the oven, while solid hearth shelves and other interior structures help retain heat for the next loading cycle. Rock wool insulation also helps keep heat in the oven and permits onsite oven assembly without contaminating a facility with airborne dust from powdered insulation. The Mechanical Revolving Tray baking oven is engineered to fit through standard door openings and comes in sizes ranging from 4- to 80-bun pans.

Fish Oven & Equipment Co.

Wauconda, Ill.




Charles Ross & Son designs and builds custom-fabricated tanks, stirred reactors and pressure and storage vessels with capacities up to 70,000 gallons. They can be constructed for horizontal or vertical installation and in any material, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and alloys like Monel, Inconel and Hastelloy. Features commonly supplied on the vessels and reactors include charge and discharge ports, vacuum and internal pressure designs, agitation systems, heating and cooling jacket or coils, sheathing and insulation, sanitary designs, special polishes and coatings, mounting frames and brackets and control systems.

Charles Ross & Son Co.

Hauppauge, N.Y.




CDN’s Direct Entry 2-Alarm Timer Model TM30 features a vibration alarm and a loud audio alarm. The unit can count up or down up to 10 hours by hours, minutes and seconds. Suitable for baking pastries and cookies in the oven, the timer’s practical last-count recall stores the last time setting for repeated events. A stop-and-start feature eliminates the need to reset the time, if there is a need to pause timing. The unit comes with a pocket clip, magnet, stand and loop.

Component Design Northwest Inc.

Portland, Ore.




Akro-Mils has added four colors to its AkroBins line: Berry; light blue; purple; and teal. They are available in Models 30210, 30220, 30224, 30230, 30234, 30235, 30239, 30240 and 30250. Created in response to customer requests for additional color options, the new AkroBin colors are designed for 5S Lean, Color Coding and other productivity initiatives.

Akro-Mils, a division of Myers
Industries, Inc.

Akron, Ohio




Mocon is offering an entry-level testing package featuring two of its entry-level, stand-alone, transmission rate units: OX-TRAN Model 1/50 for oxygen testing; and PERMATRAN-W Model 1/50 for water vapor testing. Both units feature easy-to-read screens and step-by-step calibration. Horizontal test cells offer convenient film mounting, while a pneumatic clamp ensures a consistent seal. Results can be downloaded and archived. Both units also use the company’s new frequency-modulated, precise relative humidity method with set-and-go fast and automatic controls. Packages are available with one of each unit or two of the same models. 

Mocon Inc.


(763) 493-7228



Eriez’s ProGrade Tube Magnets can be used as inspection tools or anywhere traditional grate magnets won’t fit. The magnets are 1 in. in diameter, made of 316L stainless steel and have ¼ x 20 UNC tapped-end plugs. Individual magnets are available from 4 to 24 in. long and can be used to remove ferrous contaminants from liquids in tanks, as a quality-control check for dry bulk materials and in other situations where a powerful, portable magnetic power source is required. They also work in environments with temperatures of up to 150ºF.


Erie, Pa.