Harpak-ULMA Packaging, LLC

Harpak-ULMA Packaging receives a U.S. patent for its C-Pak reclosable package. The package has a lower shelf film-seal flange and inside-closing, interference-style lid. According to the company, this type of reclosure better seals in moisture after a package is opened because it closes on a larger surface area than overcap packaging, therefore keeping contents fresh. The design is suitable for modified atmosphere packaging and high-speed, tray-sealing applications. It also allows for unique package shapes; and hangs on pegs, stands in wells, lies on its side and is stackable.

508-884-2500 • www.harpak-ulma.com

Charles Ross & Son Co.

Charles Ross & Son Co. introduces the HSM-100LCI-T, a multipurpose laboratory mixer. The bench-top unit is available with interchangeable mixing attachments including batch and inline rotor/stator sets, various disperser blade sizes and propellers. Capable of multiple mixing tasks, including powder wet-out and dispersion, de-agglomeration/particle size reduction, solubilization, emulsification and homogenization, the HSM-100LCI-T comes with numerous standard features, including a 1-hp.-drive, 115-v., 50/60-htz., single-phase, 20-amp motor; variable-speed control from 500-10,000 rpms; color touchscreen controls and display; and electronic pushbutton lift.

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Radio Frequency Co.

Radio Frequency Co.’s Macrowave pasteurization systems use a high-frequency electric field to control pathogens. The systems convey materials to be treated through a high-frequency electrode array, where alternating electrical energy causes them to heat rapidly and uniformly throughout. According to the company, radio-frequency (RF) heating is a highly efficient, “direct” form of heating that conserves energy. The technology is instant-on, instant-off and uses energy only during the treatment process. The systems are available in conveyorized or batch configurations.

508-376-9555 • www.radiofrequency.com

Mettler-Toledo Safeline

Featuring a full-color touchscreen, membrane key panel and product inspection data-collection capability, Mettler-Toledo Signature metal detectors from Mettler-Toledo Safeline are designed for easy and cost-effective integration into food production lines. They can be combined with material-handling systems, such as standard or custom conveyor systems, for fully automated, online product inspection. They detect even the most difficult to detect nonmagnetic stainless steels and nonspherical fine wire contaminants. An optional setup routine allows end users to configure Performance Validation Routine (PVR) testing on a time basis or pack-count basis.

800-447-4439 • www.mt.com/safelineus.com

PDC International Corp.

PDC R-500 TS-CB Shrinklabeler from PDC International Corp. applies shrink sleeves at speeds of 500-600 labels per minute on a single inline head and incorporates continuous “steady state” movement of sleeving materials during the cutting and application process, using the lowest web speed possible and eliminating indexing of the web found in other systems. The mandrel-style labeler uses PDC’s proprietary blade assembly; mandrels, feedscrews and other changeable parts can switched out without tools. The R-500 TS-CB is available in standard and customized configurations, including an optional solid stainless-steel construction for washdown environments. Peripheral systems such as blow-off systems, bar-code inspection, coders and conveyors also are available.

203-853-1516 • www.pdc-corp.com


A vacuum recovery system for granular activated carbon (GAC) from VAC-U-Max conveys spent carbon material from holding tanks to waste containers. Mounted on a self-contained skid, the system is a pre-package dilute phase pneumatic conveyor system that delivers or removes GAC from scrubber towers and holding tanks. Also included are tubular probing wands, convey hose, filter receiver, vacuum pump and control panel.

800-822-8629 • www.vac-u-max.com

Innoquest Inc.

The SpotOn Consistometer from Innoquest Inc. quickly measures semi-solid food ingredients for a variety of food-processing industries. The easy-to-operate, portable device combines precision force, depth and temperature sensors with a microprocessor and digital reading that enables a display of averages and standard deviation, along with on-the-fly error checking. Data can also be downloaded to a spreadsheet program for analysis and plotting.

800-637-1623 •www.innoquestinc.com