Weber Packaging Solutions’ Alpha Compact label dispenser features a new design that offers increased performance and higher application rates (up to 600 labels/min.) and is simpler to operate than its field-proven predecessors, the company reports. The system applies labels up to 120 mm (4.7 in.) wide and 300 mm (11.8 in.) long at speeds up to 50.0 m/min (164 ft. per minute) to a tolerance of ±0.75 mm (0.03 in.). In addition, the unit can be oriented to apply labels to the side, top or bottom of packages, as well as to accommodate right- or left-hand applications. Three separate interfaces are available: Panel HMI; Display HMI; and USB. Each version of the Alpha Compact features die-cast aluminum construction, single-key calibration, automatic recognition of missing labels, in-production speed adjustment and more.

Weber Packaging Solutions
Tranent, Scotland
44(0)1875 611 111


Baker Perkins adds an upgraded high-output bread dough divider to its Accurist range. The Accurist 2.1 ram-and-knife divider has a maximum output of 10,800 pieces/hour. A series of innovative developments including advanced servo control of the ram preserves the dough structure’s integrity and results in a loaf with increased volume, finer texture and better color. A new Intelligent Dough Weight Control System reduces the average dough piece scaling weight by adjusting the divider in real time to compensate for changes in dough density. Other features include a new oiling system, an upgraded oil filtration system, improved oil pathways in the ram and a new lightweight die.

Baker Perkins Inc.

Grand Rapids, Mich.



Douglas Model SD-36 Bucket Washer from Douglas Machines comes equipped with separate wash and rinse tanks, self-contained water heating, recirculating wash water and a 15-horsepower pump. Optional racking is available to process a variety of other containers, including lids, pans, molds and trays. A wash-and-rinse cycle of five minutes makes cleanup quick and economical.

Douglas Machines Corp.

Clearwater, Fla.



Lloyd Pans’ new baking racks offer bakery storage and handling on wheels with a marine-grade, vinyl snap-on door and 5-in. commercial casters. The racks have a lightweight aluminum frame and stainless-steel wire racks with rounded edges. They measure racks 66 in. tall and hold up to 34 half-sheet pans. Custom sizes are also available.

Lloyd Pans

Spokane Valley, Wash.



The Titan TFS nfs 200, the newest addition to Harpak-ULMA Packaging’s ULMA TFS thermoformer series, is a nonforming, vacuum skin-packaging machine. The system provides a protective, wrinkle-free package for fresh and frozen food products. The double-seal package applies a perimeter seal and a skintight seal against the product and the nonforming material that conforms to the product size and shape. Multiple cutting options are available for even more of a custom fit. The model requires minimal changeover for various products and is designed to withstand high-pressure wash downs.

Harpak-ULMA Packaging, L.L.C.

Taunton, Mass.


Primera Technology provides a full line of specialty printers designed to enable manufacturers to print labels in-house, thus saving time and money. The LX900 Color Label Printer produces up to 4.5 in. of labels/second and features a replaceable print head. The entry-level LX400 produces 4,800-dpi, professional-quality labels and is suitable for short-run and specialty product needs. The CX1000 Color Label Printer (shown) is designed for in-house production of professional-grade, pre-die-cut labels and can print on virtually any laser-qualified label material. The CX1200 Color Label Press and FX1200 Digital Finishing System provide 100% digital output to customers in short- to medium-run quantities of up to 10,000 labels per job in any size or shape.

Primera Technology Inc.

Plymouth, Minn.



American Fabric Filter Co. (AFF) manufactures catch cloths made from 18-gauge vinyl for use under conveyors in bakeries and food-processing facilities. The cloths prevent product from dropping onto other lines or being transferred throughout the plant, thus facilitating plant cleanup. Custom sizing and grommet placement are available. AFF can also duplicate straights, 45-degree and 90-degree turns and S-curves, as well as add dump chutes or funnels for high-volume applications.

American Fabric Filter Co.

Wesley Chapel, Fla.



WD-Langhammer’s LR 03 is a cost-effective, entry-level, linear robot that can palletize most consumer goods, including bakery baskets, boxes, bags, standard cases and packs. This unit can handle interleaves and empty pallets, as well as loaded pallets approximately 9 ft. tall (2,800 mm), making it well-suited for facilities with low ceilings and limited space. It also can be combined with a variety of grippers, such as clamps and fork grippers.

W+D-Langhammer GmbH

Eisenberg, Germany

+49 (0)6351 900-0


Mettler-Toledo’s UC-LP high-speed prepack printer combines computing and high-capacity printing in one housing. The interface makes learning simple and decreases operator training time. Large label rolls reduce frequent roll changes, downtime and machine maintenance. The unit’s compact design eliminates clutter by offering more space on counters and fresh department prep areas. In addition, multiple USB devices can be plugged into the printer, and a scale base can be connected for printing random-weight labels.

Mettler-Toledo International Inc.

Columbus, Ohio



The 87M Yellow Jacket Orbital stretch wrapper, part of Yellow Jacket’s 110 Series, can be used to secure oversized, oddly shaped, palletized loads while they remain on a forklift. The horizontally positioned dispenser moves around and under a load as the Yellow Jacket manually advances across the length of a load, reducing the time it takes to wrap a load by hand and eliminating the need for strapping materials or cartons. Available manual or semiautomatic, the 87M runs on 110V AC and wraps a standard pallet size up to 68-in. diagonal.

Yellow Jacket

Douglasville, Ga.



Hudson-Sharp Machine Co.’s new, patented form of flexible packaging, Rapid Close self-seal bags, can be used for a variety of flexible-packaging applications, including foodservice, industrial and retail. Rapid Close enables the end user to close a bag quickly, on the spot and without sealing equipment or mechanical systems. The self-sealing system also features an advanced turnkey attachment designed to fit with existing unwind stands and bag machines.

Hudson-Sharp Machine Co.

Green Bay, Wis.


NanoPack, a developer of proprietary barrier coatings for films used in processed food packaging, introduces Bairicade XT, a water-based product for coating and printing in-line on high-speed flexographic and rotogravure printing processes. The product provides a clear, ultrathin, oxygen barrier coating using 50% less water than previous coatings, and offers a replacement for undesirable, highly chlorinated coatings and thicker, more expensive materials. Bairicade XT also can help extend the shelf life of products such as snacks, nuts, seeds, seasonings, candy, coffee and tea packages. It has been FDA-approved for indirect food contact and the company has filed petitions for approval by Health Canada.

NanoPack Inc.

Wayne, Pa.



EnVision Flexible Packaging, a contract- manufacturing/packaging company, and Coyote Kitchen, a salsa and Southwest condiment manufacturer, team together to create FastTrak FlexiPak flexible pouches that offers product manufacturers a cost-effective alternative to the bulky landfill packaging, such as bottles, cans and corrugated cases. In addition, FastTrak FlexiPak pouches are made using water-based inks containing less than 5% volatile organic compounds. The pouches feature a “sparkling” look designed to capture consumers’ attention in the marketplace. Packaging solutions can be developed in four months or less. The pouches are manufactured in the U.S.

EnVision Flexible Packaging Inc.

Phoenix, Ariz.