Van Drunen Farms’ freeze-dried canned pears can be used to add pear flavor to baked items, bars, snacks and hot and cold cereals. A light syrup gives the pears a unique sweetness, while freeze-drying dehydrates their raw material, retains their naturally sweet taste and lengthens their shelf life. Food processors can choose from 3 mm and 3/8-in. diced sizes.

Van Drunen Farms

Momence, Ill.



Tate & Lyle extends its native starch portfolio to include GMO-free extra dry starches with low moisture content to aid dry mix producers. Merizet 116 and 118 undergo an additional drying step to aid the formulation of frozen dough. These starches also play a considerable role in preventing moisture pickup during storage, and are particularly suited to tropical markets where humidity is a challenge both in terms of production and shelf life. Furthermore, Merizet 116 and 118 do not change a product’s viscosity profile.

Tate & Lyle

Decatur, Ill.



Caravan Ingredients introduces low-sodium baking powder for chemically leavened baked goods. It is designed and formulated to release the proper amounts of leavening gas at the various stages of mixing to facilitate scaling and depositing of batters. Though utilizing a non-sodium aluminum phosphate-based leavening system, this low-sodium baking powder reduces sodium by up to 44% over standard baking powders.

Caravan Ingredients

Lenexa, Kan.



AB Enzymes launches VERON GMS+, an enzymatic monoglyceride replacer that achieves the same crumb texture profile and crumb structure in yeast-raised baked goods by using a patent-pending, amylolytic enzyme acting in combination with a lipolytic enzyme. VERON GMS+ works, regardless of the type of monoglyceride previously used in the bread improver formulation, such as powdered mono- and diglycerides or distilled monoglycerides.

AB Enzymes

Darmstadt, Germany

+49 (0) 61 51-36 80-100


DuPont Nutrition & Health releases DuPont Danisco baking ingredients, a line of bakery solutions such as antimicrobials, hydrocolloids, enzymes, blends, emulsifiers, sweeteners and functional fibers. This range of products provides enhanced bioprotection, an improved nutritional profile and better taste and texture with greater cost efficiency and lower environmental impact.

DuPont Nutrition & Health

New Century, Kan.



A natural, highly functional, flaxseed-based ingredient, Glanbia Nutritionals’ OptiSol 5000, is a label-friendly alternative to guar gum in tortillas, breads, sweet baked goods, batters and a variety of other product systems. Functionally, OptiSol 5000 provides a variety of hydrocolloid benefits including moisture-control, shelf-life extension, viscosity generation, cryo protection and enhanced nutritional benefits, as it is naturally high in ALA Omega-3 and fiber. With an ingredient listing of “milled flaxseed,” it offers food manufacturers a highly sought clean label solution.

Glanbia Nutritionals

Fitchburg, Wis.