Clean-label solutions

Corbion Caravan’s Pristine line of products can help food producers reduce the number of ingredients needed to create even the most unique offerings, helping meet consumer preferences for products without unwanted additives, such as azodicarbonamide (ADA). The line features dough improvers and strengtheners, mixes and bases.

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Chocolate accents

PreGel America now offers a diverse assortment of finished chocolate décor in dark, milk and white chocolate. Pastry chefs, chocolatiers, confectioneries and other culinary professionals can choose from squares, twists, spirals, diamonds and loops in a variety of colors and patterns to create visually stunning, as well as delicious, products.

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Dairy seasoning

Land O’Lakes Ingredients adds Sea-Salted Caramel to its dairy seasonings line. A LAND O LAKES butter powder base mixed with sweet caramel and sea salt gives the seasoning a distinct and wholesome flavor. Food manufacturers can use Sea-Salted Caramel in a variety of ingredient applications, including snacks, sauces and dips.

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Stevia-based sweeteners

Cargill’s new ViaTech line of Stevia-based sweeteners enables food and beverage manufacturers to achieve optimal sweetness and significant sugar reduction. Part of what sets the ViaTech portfolio apart from previous Stevia-based sweeteners, according to the company, is the use of Cargill’s proprietary taste prediction model, which leads to clean sweetness in even some of the most difficult-to-perfect zero-calorie and reduced-calorie food and beverage formulations. The new portfolio also offers food and beverage manufacturers solutions that are commercially viable from a cost-in-use perspective.

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Food-coloring method

Barry Callebaut’s IBC brand, which specializes in color and printing technology for food applications, launches Power Flowers, a revolutionary method for coloring chocolate, fillings and compound chocolate. Made from tempered cocoa butter and 40% coloring agents, the product enables food professionals to make colorfully personalized creations by combining the four Power Flowers (red, yellow, blue and white) and applying the resulting shade to the fat-based product of their choice. Because of their concentrated formula (40% pigment), a few Power Flowers are enough to color 400 g. of chocolate. Due to the product’s simple and clean dosing, food professionals can achieve the same color results every time.

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Toppings adhesive

Gecko Ultra from Kampffmeyer Food Innovation GmbH helps keep all kinds of seeds, kernels and decorative toppings attached to dough pieces, minimizing the loss of toppings throughout production and transportation. A clean-label product, Gecko Ultra is an easy-to-use granulate that mixes with water. The resulting suspension can be applied automatically via roller, spray or immersion systems, or it can be brushed onto dough pieces manually. Gecko Ultra is based on wheat flour. A special refining method gives the product its adhesive properties.

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