Ingredion Inc.

Ingredion Inc.

Health Canada, the federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health, approves Ingredion’s NUTRAFLORA prebiotic fiber as a dietary fiber source. The approval allows for NUTRAFLORA prebiotic fiber, a short-chain fructooligosaccharide (scFOS), to be declared as a fiber source in food products as permitted by the Food and Drug Administration regulations. NUTRAFLORA has long been declared a dietary fiber in the U.S., and its numerous health benefits have been validated by more than 200 scientific publications. The product delivers numerous formulation advantages, such as flavor enhancement, fat-mimetic properties, good mouthfeel and is suitable for use in low-calorie products.

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Engrain’s cereZESL and cereZ SOFT were developed to help bakers extend the shelf life of packaged breads and bread-based products. The products offer specialized enzyme blends that transform how bread ages, keeping it soft in the store and in consumers’ homes. According to the company, bakers are reporting that their packaged breads feel fresh for up to two weeks or more, due to the new enzyme technology.

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Solvay Aroma PerformanceSolvay Aroma Performance

Solvay Aroma Performance says Govanil, its new range of vanilla flavors, will revolutionize the way consumers taste and perceive vanilla notes in bakery and confectionery food products, such as cookies, biscuits, pastries, cakes, fillings and chocolates. According to the company, Govanil combines an intensity of up to 20% more than standard vanilla flavors and a note that provides a long-lasting effect on the palate, enabling it to also enrich flavors including butter, egg, biscuit, caramel and fruit, and to compensate for fat or sugar content in bakery and confectionery recipes. Three grades are available: Govanil, the benchmark vanilla flavor; Govanil Intense, a grade ideal for doses below 0.1% and custom-made tastes; and Govanil Natural, whose taste comes from renewable sources and meets the requirements of both the American and European regulations for natural products. This grade also allows for the use of “natural flavor” on food labeling.

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ConAgra MillsConAgra Mills

ConAgra Mills expands its Ancient Grains portfolio by adding buckwheat, spelt and a variety of puffed and toasted grains for whole-grain multigrain, gluten-free and artisan foods. The expanded line is available in whole-grain flours, whole seeds, toasted grains, puffed grains and custom multigrain blends in traditional, gluten-free and organic options, affording customers more flexibility from a cost-in-use perspective and greater opportunity to capture consumers’ attention, according to the company. ConAgra Mills Ancient Grains also have a range of important nutrients, including protein, fiber, unsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the company reports.

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Swedish salt processor Salinity launches SALTWELL into the U.S. market. The natural, environmentally friendly product has 35% less sodium than regular salt. Extracted from million-year-old underground brine reserves in South America and dried by the sun, the minerals are baked together so that the crystals form homogenous grains, each consistent with each other. SALTWELL is a one-grain salt with 65% sodium chloride (NaCl) and 30% potassium chloride (KCl) that performs and tastes like ordinary salt, according to the company. SALTWELL has been tested in many applications, including bread, with good taste, structure and process-handling results, and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be labeled as an all-natural mineral salt, the company adds.

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GrasslandGrassland Dairy Products Inc.

Wuthrich 83% European Style Butter offers unparalleled flavor, texture and cooking performance, according to Grassland Dairy Products. It can go directly from the refrigerator to the recipe because it blends at 40 deg. F and does not need softening. Its 83% fat content gives extra body to baked goods, while its low moisture content gives it a higher burn point than other butters. Chefs and bakers have found that they can use nearly 25% less product and achieve the same results as with other butters, the company says.

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