Equipment BriefsConveyor drives

Heat and Control Inc.’s new FastBack FDX force-displacement conveyor drives are 40% smaller than comparable inertia-drive, horizontal-motion conveyors and convey up to 2,500 lb., making the FastBack FDX suitable for transfer runs up to 100 ft. long and product accumulation of up to 300 cu. ft.  Like previous FastBack models, the patent-pending FDX inertia drive provides the same clean, horizontal-motion conveying that reduces product damage and transmitted vibration. The FDX also can be reused with different pans when line layouts change.  

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Equipment BriefsContinuous extruder

Egan Food Technologies’ continuous extruder includes features for improved weight control and easy changeovers. Available in widths up to 48 in., the unit is designed to manufacture products that can be extruded into ropes, such as healthfood bars and dough. Available auxillary equipment includes bar cutters, inclusion feeders, nut toppers and rounders. The extruder is built and serviced in the U.S. 

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Equipment BriefsHigh-viscosity disperser

Charles Ross & Son Co. introduces the PBA-2, a high-viscosity disperser with interchangeable bow-tie and paddle blades driven by a 2-hp., explosion-proof, variable-frequency-drive-capable (VFD) motor. Suitable for use with standard 5-gal. pails, the bench-top mixer can be used to blend fluids with different viscosities, re-suspend dense solids that have settled, prepare paste-like formulations and other similar applications. In lieu of 5-gal. pails, Ross-supplied, vacuum-rated, stainless-steel mix vessels can also be used with the PBA-2. The unit is available with an electro-mechanical or air/oil hydraulic lift. All wetted parts, including the shaft guard and adjustable can lock, are stainless steel 304. Sight/charge ports on the vessel cover, heating/cooling jacket, discharge valve, mixer bench and other features are available as options. Larger capacity models are also available.

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Equipment Briefs




A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. says its Model 108 bulk depalletizer runs plastic, glass, metal and composite containers interchangeably, with no special options or changeparts. Operators feed a pallet load to the Model 108, and the unit automatically senses the load dimensions and depalletizes at speeds to four layers per minute. The Model 108 can also automatically remove and stack picture frames, tier sheets, inverted trays and pallets. Built-in performance features include layer stabilizing mechanisms on both the primary and secondary layers, four-side container load control and complete tier-sheet control to eliminate layer shifting and ensure container stability. Low- and high-level models with discharge heights from 36-144 in. are available.

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Equipment BriefsSanitary-design lifts

Mepaco adds two lifts to its line of sanitary-design lifts. The EZ4000 product/pallet lift is fabricated from stainless steel, with a pickle-passivated finish, and handles loads up to 4,000 lb. The lifts raise up to 36 in. for ergonomic comfort. They come with a self-contained power unit with up/down hand controls; a turntable is optional. Also fabricated from stainless steel and pickle-passivated, the EZL2500 product/pallet lift has a load capacity of 2,500 lb. It’s adjustable up to 37 in. high and offers a low-profile deck for floor-level loading. It comes with a hydraulic power unit with safety up/down foot-pedal control. Both lifts are designed for extreme sanitation conditions and are built to USDA requirements.

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Equipment BriefsLabel applicator

The AP550 Flat-Surface label applicator, a semi-automatic system from Primera Technology Inc., makes it fast and easy to apply product and identification labels onto a wide range of flat surfaces, including boxes, packages, bags, pouches, lids, tins and rectangular or tapered bottles. The unit comes with variable spacing, memory for up to nine jobs and a counter with a built-in LED display. The AP550 can be used to apply labels produced by Primera’s LX- and CX-Series color label printers and digital label presses, as well as roll or fan-fed labels printed by other methods, such as flexographic, offset and thermal-transfer.

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