Bernmatic BTRV belt tracking rollerThe Bernmatic BTRV belt tracking roller, an adjustable support roller developed by Berndorf Band Engineering, offers vertical roller adjustment for precise belt tracking. An inductive sensor checks belt speed, while optical or mechanical belt-edge sensors check the actual belt-edge position. Other features include a compact design for easy installation and startup; a touch panel that controls the belt’s functions and checks its tracking history; and easy integration into existing systems. The unit will be on display at the company’s iba booth (Hall A6, Booth #324) in Munich.

Berndorf Belt Technology USA

Elgin, Ill.






Charles Ross & Son introduces several new features on its ribbon blender models, including low maintenance, gasket-free covers; a custom bag dump station with safety grating; clamshell coupling for quick agitator removal; vacuum- and pressure-related blenders with reinforced troughs; bottom discharge extruder assembly; and end-wall scrapers. Ross ribbon blenders are commonly used for blend dry powders, granules, pellets and other solid forms They also function as paste mixers, vacuum dryers and granulators.

Charles Ross & Son Co.

Hauppauge, N.Y.



Reading Bakery Systems’ Multi-Crisp Baked Snack SystemReading Bakery Systems’ new Multi-Crisp Baked Snack System enables manufacturers to produce potato, wheat and corn masa flour-based snack crisps on one flexible system. The system features an Exact FX2 Continuous Mixing System, a two-roll sheeter, a rotary cutter station and a two-pass, convection Spectrum Oven Over Dryer system. Optional equipment includes a material-handling system, ridged gauge roll section, tumble seasoning drum, scrap return conveyor, wavy forming belt and additional oven zones. The modular system can produce 250-1,000 kg. per hour of finished product, depending on the number of oven zones within a production line.

Reading Bakery Systems

Robesonia, Pa.






Unifiller's Multi-Piston DepositorUnifiller’s Multi-Piston Depositor is a heavy-duty, stainless steel, industrial machine designed for volume depositing of muffins, cakes, cupcakes, mousse, fillings, load cakes, certain breads, dough, sauces and more, or for automatic filling of various containers and tubs. The unit includes four-, six- and eight-across portioning; an adjustable nozzle; a height-adjustable stand; and a diving and fixed nozzle bridge. It handles up to ½-in. soft particulate sizes. A 16-gal. removable hopper facilitates sanitation, maintenance and integration with a conveyor.


Delta, British Columbia

888-733-8444, ext. 353

Model 436Model 436 case sealer from A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. offers interchangeable tape and adhesive sealing on one machine. The unit’s modular design enables snack packagers to easily switch from one sealing method to another without excessive downtime or the added expense of purchasing two machines. In addition, it has independent sealing modules for adhesive and tape sealing that are designed for quick changeover with drop-in accessibility. The sealer offers a case range from 8 in. long x 6 in. wide x 4 in. high to 24 in. long x 17 in. wide x 17 in. high and speeds to 50 cases per minute.

A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.

Tarpon Springs, Fla.



ACS ValvesDesigned specifically for sanitary applications, including food processing, the Quick-Clean series of rotary airlock valves from ACS Valves aids in regulatory standards and practices compliance, reduces cleaning and sanitation time, and simplifies inspection. The stainless-steel valves feature the ACS RotorRail design, which enables full validation access to the rotor and all internal surfaces of the housing without disassembling the endplate or concern for accurate rotor realignment during reassembly. They are available in 304 or 316 stainless steel, in sizes from 6-18 in. They come with pressure differentials up to 20 lb./square in. and with temperature tolerance up to 750 deg. F.

ACS Valves

Caledonia, Ontario






A.C. Horn & Co.A.C. Horn & Co.  launches a new cooling conveyor that enables users to cool products continuously or in batch form, and works in conjunction with the company’s batch roasters. It features stainless-steel construction; quick-latch removable doors on both sides; easy-to-use controls; casters and floor locks; an easy-to-adjust, product bed depth-height gate; and entrance and exit photo eyes. Models 327P and 337P work with all kinds of nuts and most seed using an Intralox-style belting; Models 327S and 337S work with small products, like sesame seed, using a manufactured belt. Sesame seed only works in batch-style operations.

A.C. Horn & Co.




Yamato CorpThe F518MV weigher from Yamato Corp. can handle fragile products at speeds of up to 210 weighments per minute. Bottom-based handling features create a large product window, improving the packaging machine’s speed and efficiency. The F518MV can be used for a wide range of applications, including cookies, crackers and other fragile products.

Yamato Corp.

Mequon, Wis.





Egan Food TechnologiesEgan Food Technologies’ new slab-bar forming line is designed to form fragile products such as granola, crisp rice and other cereal bars. The fully customizable system has state-of-the-art features and stainless-steel components that facilitate easy sanitation and complete washdowns. The unit’s modular design can be equipped with additional features, such as toppers, cooling conveyors, pressing rollers, extruders, slitter assemblers and an ultrasonic bar cutter, all of which are available from the company.

Egan Food Technologies

Grand Rapids, Mich.







Hinds-Bock dry ingredient depositorThe new Hinds-Bock dry ingredient depositor is suitable for dry, free-flowing products such as sugar, sprinkles, chocolate chips, oat flakes, sliced nuts, flour and dry, low-fat streusel. The unit can be mounted on new or existing Hinds-Bock conveyors, or is available with a portable, cantilevered frame. An operator interface stores multiple recipes for easy operator setup. Other features include a stainless-steel construction, variable-speed operation and targeted deposits. An optional distribution assembly for evenly spreading dry toppings on ring or layer cake pans also is available.

Hinds-Bock Corp.








Spraying Systems Co.TankJet 55, a fluid-driven tank cleaner for tanks, barrels and drums up to 5 ft. in diameter, is now available from Spraying Systems Co. The unit is constructed of 316L stainless steel and available in two models: A standard model for faster rotation and shorter cycle times; and a rotational model that allows for dwell time for cleaning tough residues. The turbine-driven TankJet 55 cleans using narrow-angle, full cone sprays rotating on multiple axes for 360-deg. coverage and can fit into openings as small as 1.75 in.

Spraying Systems Co.

Wheaton, Ill.







LeMatic’s Palletizing SystemLeMatic’s Palletizing System is a fully-automatic, pallet-loading and wrapping system for stacks of bakery distribution baskets. The system receives stacks of loaded baskets and holds them in a queue until needed. The single-basket stack then indexes into a stack-transfer conveyor, which gently loads the stack onto a rotating pallet table, where a distribution pallet receives it. After receiving a stack of baskets, the pallet table rotates to receive the next stack until it is full. Once loaded, the stacked pallet is transferred into a pallet wrapper, which wraps the basket stack tightly. The entire process is run by one control system for unified and easy operation.

LeMatic Inc.

Jackson, Mich.






Rollstock Inc.Fully automatic rollstock vacuum-packaging machines from Rollstock Inc. feature programmable PLC controls with readable diagnostics, a vacuum-leak check program and a guided chain system with an auto-tensioning system to reduce stretch and wear. Available accessories include flying or guillotine cross-cut knife systems, hole punching, photoelectric registration, code dating, auto labeling and gas flushing for controlled or modified atmosphere packaging. The machines are available in a variety of web widths, from 285 mm to 459 mm. Larger cutoffs and web widths are available upon request.

Rollstock Inc.

Kansas City, Mo.






from Parsons-Eagle Packaging SystemsThe Phaser XP vertical form/fill/seal (VFFS) machine from Parsons-Eagle Packaging Systems produces pillow, gusseted or flat-bottom packages from 2-13 in. wide and 3-15 in. long at speeds in excess of 60 packages/minute. Features include color touchscreen control, quick-thread film path and an open architecture construction for easy changeover and maintenance. Options include a package support with eject, an ultralow profile frame design, fiberoptic print registration, polyethylene film seal jaws, a hole punch, tear notching and flavor injection.

Parsons-Eagle Packaging Systems

De Pere, Wis.