Nonni's Biscotti

Nonni’s Foods, Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., introduces a vibrant, more environmentally friendly packaging for its Nonni’s Biscotti grocery store packs. In an effort to reduce waste, Nonni’s removed the plastic tray from 85% of its biscotti grocery cartons. The company estimates the leaner, greener change will reduce packaging waste by up to 17%.

The improved package will also allow consumers to better differentiate and find their favorite Nonni’s Biscotti flavor, with bolder colors and larger, prominent text indicating biscotti flavor names. Each biscotti will remain individually wrapped to seal freshness and maintain product integrity.

“At Nonni’s, we continuously strive to improve our offerings based on feedback from our customers,” says Patricia Wong Bridges, brand marketing manager. “After several consumer requests, we are thrilled to offer more vibrant and environmentally friendly packaging for our biscotti line in 2014.”