Oven-chain lubricant

Lubrication Engineers Inc. adds a synthetic NSF H1 offering to its line of oven-chain lubricants. Ovenworx H1 Syn Chain Lubricant (4061) is formulated to address the demanding conditions present with oven-chain applications, including those at food manufacturing plants. The lubricant features oxidation stability and reduced volatility at high temperatures. It lubricates chains at up to 300 deg. C (572 deg. F). It also seals out damaging moisture, preventing corrosion that can eventually lead to premature failure of oven-chain pins and bushings. Ovenworx H1 Syn requires no premixing, can be applied to hot oven chains without interrupting operation and leaves no residue. It’s also low-staining, odor-neutral, certified kosher pareve and contains no artificial dyes.

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Bag filler

Part of Spiroflow Systems Inc.’s line of material handling and automation solutions, the CTE (Cone Table Elite) bulk bag filler features a cone table densification system for maximum product densification, high packaging rates and optimal bag stability. The unit handles powders, granules and pellets and other products that are easily aerated, are difficult to compact and require maximum densification. It can fill 30-35 bags per hour; bags can be lined or unlined with or without outlet spout.

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Combination scale

Designed to automatically weigh, mix and dispense two to four products at a time, WeighPack Systems’ PrimoCombi 24-head combination scale can be used to blend snack foods, ingredients, confections, frozen foods and more. The scale’s open-frame design provides easy access to all components and can be stripped to its core in minutes, according to the company. Tool-less buckets, chutes, pans and a center hopper further facilitate cleaning. Individual chutes beneath each head eliminate product spiraling. A NEMA 4X panel houses core electronics and is remotely located from the scale, eliminating the possibility of water infiltration during washdown.

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Conveyor retaining walls

Dynamic Conveyor applied for a patent on the design of the removable retaining walls for its DynaClean food conveying systems. Tool-less removal of the walls gives operators quick access to belts and internal components, facilitating cleaning and reducing downtime. The removable wall’s interlocking design creates a continuous wall that works to contain product on the conveyor belt and reduce waste. The retaining wall height is based on the product being conveyed, with a minimum height of 1.5 in. 

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Scrap chopper

The Sweed scrap chopper Model 450 DDX, the latest addition to Sweed Machinery Inc.’s line of scrap choppers, features dual-drive feedworks that enable the unit to process scrap quickly and efficiently and chop common manufacturing scrap, such as plastic strapping, 3/4-in. steel metal banding with clips and light-gauge baling wire. The Model 450 DDX has a 1-hp. motor and added mass on the flywheel, giving it additional cutting capacity. One stationary knife and one rotating knife provide a cut length of about 3 in. The unit sits on a Sweed stand with casters and is designed to sit over a Sweed self-dumping hopper. Both the stand and the hopper are sold separately.

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Reclosable tape

Part of Essentra Packaging’s Re:Think Fresh campaign Re:Close Tape enables users to keep products in the original packaging between uses. The durable tape withstands repeated uses, making packages more convenient, retaining a product’s branding to encourage repeat purchase and helping reduce food waste due to spillage or spoilage. Re:Close Tape also incorporates a large finger lift area that makes it easy to lift the tape away from the pack. Printed instructions can be added to Re:Close Tape to help consumers understand how to use it. Two reel formats are available: pan-wound; and traverse-wound.

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