Corrugated tapeCorrugated tape

3M expands its line of Scotch Recycled Corrugate Tape with the addition of 3072. The tape has a consistent, pressure-sensitive, high-performance, hot-melt, synthetic rubber adhesive system and meets FDA requirements for indirect food contact. A strong backing provides a secure and durable closure and high-quality, consistent performance with easy unwind. Designed specifically for use with recycled corrugated cases, the family of Scotch Recycled Corrugated Tapes is stickier than conventional sealing tapes and is said to stick to most packaging materials.

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Grease-resistant additiveGrease-resistant additive

Specialty chemical manufacturer Clariant Corp. introduces Cartaguard KHI, a high-performance, grease-resistant additive for effective and safer grease-resistant food papers and board. Cartaguard KHI supports the trend of eco-friendly solutions for hand-held, ready-to-eat foods such as pizza, pastries and confectionary by making paper grease-resistant without releasing impurities into the packaging. The additive penetrates into the paper or board and attaches to each fiber to create a protective surface that protects hands and clothing from grease. Cartaguard KHI is approved for food contact applications by the German Federal Institute for Risk Evaluation (BfR) and the FDA, and meets the stringent requirements for foodservice packaging.

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Cooking oil filtrationX-ray detection system

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. introduces an affordable, easy-to-use x-ray detection platform designed to enable food processors to meet the global demand for more thorough inspection for product contamination. According to the company, the Thermo Fisher NextGuard system offers up to 50% better detection sensitivity than the company’s previous value-based x-ray system, the EZx; is designed to be reliable, easy-to-install and compact (1 m. long); and comes equipped with intuitive software. The series’ first model, the NextGuard C330, is designed for packaged product contaminant detection and complements the mid- and high-end Thermo Scientific Xpert and POWERx x-ray inspection systems. 

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Throat metal detectorsThroat metal detectors

Mettler Toledo Safeline’s PowerPhasePRO throat metal detectors are designed for the inspection of free-falling products in vertical packaging applications. The company’s Zero Metal Free Zone (ZMFZ) technology enables manufacturers to install the units on their product lines between the weighing and vertical bagging process. Two models are available: the Gravity Flow HD, a heavy-duty, metal detector for use on all bulk and free-flowing powders and granular products, and the Gravity Flow SD, which detects metal contaminants in free-flowing granular products, including the normally difficult-to-find, non-magnetic stainless steel.

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Ink-jet printerInk-jet printer

The 901 AutoPrinter from Kwik Lok Corp. is a programmable, industrial ink-jet system that prints on the Kwik Lok bag closure. Features include an easy-to-use touchscreen controller, storage capability for more than 1,000 formats, high-resolution output, a hard-shell, large-capacity ink cartridge, a USB port and automatic date changeover, time of day and sequential numbering print capabilities. The unit can be field-installed on existing Kwik Lok bag closing machines.

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ITW Warehouse Automation improves its VPS software and VTP palletizers. The enhanced, easy-to-use software now enables pallet patterns to be changed in real-time, with minimal effort. Pallet patterns are built with a graphic user interface in the PC. Operators simply input package sizes and the number of cases on a pallet. The software then displays the cases on a screen, and operators can arrange them as necessary and assign the pallet to start that pattern. The selected pallet automatically starts the new pallet pattern without any interruption. The VTP palletizers now operate up to 40% faster while retaining their flexibility and gentle product handling. VPS communicates to the robots whether the cases are lighter or packaged in various materials, so they can handle each accordingly. VTP Palletizers are SCF/ISO friendly and Category 3- and 4-compliant and incorporate an easy-to-use graphic interface.

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Tabletop scaleTabletop scale

The AutoWeigher from WeighPack Systems Inc. is a linear scale available in two models: the AW-1, which can weigh from 0.5 oz. up to 2.5 lb.; and the AW-9, which can weigh 1 oz. to 10 lb. Both models allow product to be fed automatically from a hopper along a vibrating pan into a weigh bucket below. When the target weight is reached, the product is released from a funnel into a container or bag. Features include tool-less removal of the weigh bucket, hopper and funnel; a foot pedal for semi-automatic operations; and a large LED display capable of reading in grams or ounces. The scale can be mounted on a tabletop or floor stand and used to weigh a wide range of baking products, including flour, mini croissants, grains, oats and sugar.

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Dual-robot controlDual-robot control

The MLX100 Robot Gateway from Yaskawa Motoman helps enhance the functionality of dual-robot control. The MLX100 enables operators to control and program Motoman robots entirely within the ControlLogix platform, eliminating the need for an additional controller or language for robotic application development. MLX100 offers a seamless PLC and robot integration because robots are programmed through the same PLC ladder logic code widely used for controlling peripheral equipment such as filling machines, packaging machines and conveyors. Select Motoman robots (four to seven axis; 5-300 kg. payload) are available with the MLX100 Robot Gateway. Any combination of available models can be used for dual-robot applications. 

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Horizontal paddle blenderHorizontal paddle blender

Charles Ross & Son Co.’s heavy-duty Horizontal Paddle Blender has a working capacity of 450 gal. and stainless-steel product wetted parts. Designed for vacuum up to 25-in. Hg. and 5 pounds per square in. gauge (psig) internal pressure, the cylindrical trough includes a pneumatically operated dome cover and a 150-psig, three-zone heating/cooling jacket. The solid, one-piece agitator shaft features special kneader/paddle blades, turns at 5– 45 rpm and is driven by a hollow-bore, right-angle, heavy-duty gear reducer with a 75-horsepower, explosion-resistant constant-torque motor. Batch weight is measured by loadcells rated for 6,000 lb. A 20-horsepower extraction pump assembly is located at the center bottom of the trough for efficient discharge of the finished product. Split stuffing boxes on both ends of the agitator shaft come with Teflon square packing and bronze lantern rings for air purge.

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Tortilla beltTortilla belt

Greenbelt Industries says the DXL coating used in its Fluorofab DXL-10 tortilla belt is engineered to provide excellent abrasion-resistance while maintaining the existing properties of its polytetrafluoroethylene-coated (PTFE) fabrics. The DXL additive significantly increases belt life, which can translate into superior performance and decreased downtime. The DXL-10 tortilla belt meets FDA requirements of 21 CFR 177.1550 and is accepted by the USDA and the Canadian Department of Agriculture.

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Mycotoxin test kit

Romer Labs offers a new AgraQuant ELISA test kit for T-2 and HT-2 toxin that has high cross reactivity between both toxins (>90%). Calibrants used in this test kit are from 25 to 500 ppb sum of T-2 and HT-2 toxin and, therefore, in line with requirements set in a recent European Commission document (2013/165/EU). In addition, the company offers MycoSep and Starline immunoaffinity cleanup columns, together with Biopure reference materials, for a complete T-2 and HT-2 toxin reference testing solution. Following the current trend of multi-mycotoxin testing, Romer Labs also developed a  liquid chromatography tandem-mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) application, including Biopure 13C isotope labeled internal standards and a MycoSpin cleanup.

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