An independent, certified lab confirmed on Wednesday, July 23, that the species of Listeria found in the Schwebel bakery in Youngstown, OH, is not the species that poses a risk to public health.

“Full production at the Youngstown facility is expected to resume within 24 hours,” Paul Schwebel, president of Schwebel Baking Co., said in a statement on Wednesday. “We remain focused on consumer safety. That goal guides our current efforts to get our Youngstown bakery back online and will allow us to produce our full range of products for our loyal customers.”

Production at the bakery was halted this week when internal routine environmental sampling conducted by the company found the presence of an undetermined species of Listeria in the facility. As a result, Schwebel’s reported these preliminary findings to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and immediately initiated a voluntary withdrawal of all products shipped from the facility.

“We appreciate the loyalty of our customers and regret the inconvenience this product withdrawal has caused,” said Schwebel. “We have always and will always keep the general safety of our consumers at the forefront of our family business.”

Source: Schwebel Baking Co.