Tom Barber, Buhler Aeroglide

Bühler Aeroglide, Cary, NC, has appointed Tom Barber vice president of process engineering. He will work with customers worldwide to help them develop new products, design efficient thermal processes and maximize existing thermal processes through system evaluations and staff training courses.

With more than 19 years of experience with Bühler Aeroglide, Barber is known for his ability to apply scientific principles of thermal processing to system design, resulting in the most efficient customer solutions. He brings a unique perspective to this position, having worked in a variety of operations, process engineering, marketing and sales management roles.

“Bühler has the world’s leading team of engineers that excel in the development, evaluation and optimization of drying processes for a wide variety of product specifications,” says Bühler Aeroglide president and CEO Hans-Joerg Ill. “Tom and his team will bring considerable experience and expertise that helps improve the efficiency and productivity of customer operations.”

Barber joined Bühler in 1995 as market manager to build the company’s grain, pet food and aquaculture feed business. Next, he was appointed regional director to serve market needs for the America’s markets. He later assumed the role of global vice president of sales for Bühler’s Pasta and Extruded Products business unit in Switzerland before returning to Bühler Aeroglide as vice president of global procurement.

Before joining Aeroglide, Barber served as both marketing and product manager for the food division of BOC Gases in Murray Hill, NJ, where he was responsible for marketing and business development for cryogenic freezing, chilling and gas packaging systems for the food industry. He has published more than 25 articles and textbook chapters on thermal processing for food, feed and industrial products, and has two U.S. patents and one European patent.