Flavor & Fragrance Specialties Inc., Mahway, NJ, has merged with Lucta S.A., Barcelona, Spain, effective Feb. 3. The move expands both companies’ global footprint and enables customers to use manufacturing centers serving Asia Pacific, Europe, South and Latin America, and North America.

For 31 years, Flavor & Fragrance Specialties has been dedicated to owner-involved management, quality and innovation. Mike Bloom, president of FFS, emphasizes that the merger was an ideal situation, since “we gain an expanded global presence, expertise in R&D, sales and customer service, while all current management, personnel, systems, sales offices and facilities shall remain intact.”

FFS manufactures flavors for coffee and fragrances for household, pet care, air care and personal care. Lucta produces flavors for animal feed additives, and creates flavors for leading brands in the beverage, confection and savory markets, as well as fragrances for air care and household products.