Company: Ingredion


Ingredient Snapshot: Ingredion Incorporated announced four new clean-taste additions to its lines of protein-rich pulse proteins and flours—VITESSENCE Pulse CT 3602 faba bean protein concentrate, VITESSENCE Pulse CT 1552 pea protein concentrate, HOMECRAFT Pulse CT 1203 pea flour and HOMECRAFT Pulse CT 2201 lentil flour.

The new pulses feature a clean flavor profile, enabling manufacturers to formulate across a broader range of applications more easily. Ingredion and AGT Foods’ clean-taste pulse products also help manufacturers meet clean label trends in high-moisture applications, such as dairy, yogurts, puddings, cheeses, beverages, nutritional mixes, and smoothies while boosting protein levels and allowing manufacturers to use vegetable based proteins instead of animal based proteins. Similar benefits can also be achieved when using clean-taste pulses at a higher inclusion level in low-moisture applications, such as baked goods, snacks, cereals, bars, pastas, batters and breading applications.

Ingredion’s VITESSENCE Pulse CT proteins feature two new proteins that contain 55-60 percent protein on a dry basis and are derived from pea or faba bean. The clean-taste pulse proteins can be used to enrich a wide range of new and differentiated products to meet consumer demand for products that are high in protein and fiber, and derived from vegetable-sourced ingredients.

The HOMECRAFT Pulse CT flours include two new flours made from pea and lentil. These pulse-based flours offer different levels of fiber, starch and protein to meet a variety of food manufacturers’ needs in a wide array of applications. HOMECRAFT Pulse CT flours are naturally gluten-free and offer a healthy alternative to traditional and other gluten-free flours, enabling the development of gluten-free bakery products while boosting the protein and fiber levels.