Company: Ingredion


Ingredient Snapshot: Ingredion Incorporated announced that its NUTRAFLORA prebiotic fiber is now available in liquid form for ease of use.

The effectiveness of NUTRAFLORA prebiotic fiber is built on a foundation of more than 200 studies and 20 years of research. NUTRAFLORA prebiotic fiber has been scientifically demonstrated to support digestive and immune health, provide a good or excellent source of fiber, and can be used to reduce sugar in foods and beverages such as bars, baked goods, functional beverages and dairy products.

NUTRAFLORA  prebiotic fiber delivers numerous formulation advantages such as flavor enhancement, fat-mimetic properties, improved mouthfeel and is suitable for use in low calorie products. Liquid NUTRAFLORA  L95-S soluble prebiotic fiber is easy to use and comes in a high purity, stable liquid format. The product has a quick dispersion rate with low viscosity – making it ready to use and easy to pump, process and handle.