Appleooz, a Boulder, Colorado based crunchy apple chip company, has changed its name and rebranded to Fruitivity Snacks. The rebrand coincides with the launch of four new flavors in addition to the Original and Tart recipes. New flavors of fruit-infused apple chips will be announced at the Fruitivity Launch Party on January 19th.

Mark Wood, Brand Manager and Founder of Appleooz, has worked with 1908 Brands since an acquisition in June 2016 to develop the new product lines in support of the rebrand. Fruitivity Snacks offers products with natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives and no refined sugars.

Fruitivity Snacks is the new name for Appleooz Crunchy Apple Chips and the new brand will allow the company to expand the line of fruit snacks beyond apple chips. Fruitivity Snacks is all about being creative with fruit and encouraging people to step outside the produce aisle to see where fruit can go next. The company plans to significantly expand the flavor choices of crunchy apple chips as well as offer other types of dried fruits.

“The rebrand gave us an opportunity to really focus on why we do what we do,” says Steve Savage, founder and CEO of 1908 Brands. “We expanded the line to provide variety, fun, excitement to the dried fruit snack options on the shelves.”

All Fruitivity products will be available at current Appleooz retailers like Lucky’s Market, Whole Foods, King Soopers, Sprouts and Natural Grocers in February 2017.