Company: Pak Group North America


Ingredient Snapshot: Bakery ingredient manufacturer Pak Group, through its North American brand, Bellarise, formally announced its new, clean label and Non-GMO Bellarise Supreme Instant Dry Yeast. Bellarise crafted their high-powered instant dry yeast to help commercial bakeries cut costs and improve low-sugar dough proof times, while speeding up the fermentation process and ensuring quality and authenticity at every bake.

Since the European version’s release in mid-2016, Pak Group’s European customers have seen increases in gassing power and improvements in proof times when compared to other Red instant dry yeasts used in lean dough applications. Now specially-tuned for North American commercial bakeries as Bellarise Supreme Instant Dry Yeast, bakeries on this side of the Atlantic are reporting similar results.

Walt Postelwait, President of Pak Group, provides some background into the all-new Bellarise Supreme Instant Dry Yeast. “North American commercial bakeries need ingredients that promise consumers an authentic and better-for-you experience, and enable the efficient production of high quality baked goods that not only keep up with, but lead, key trends in the market, such as clean label and Non-GMO. Bellarise Supreme Instant Dry Yeast addresses each of those points. North American trials are showing superior results, including gassing power increases reaching up to 30 percent, with proof times cut by up to 10-15 percent when used in various lean dough applications.”

In terms of cost, Postelwait also cited greater savings at the bowl, due to low use rates. “We are focused solely on baking, so we devote all of our resources to creating new and effective solutions that help our industry exceed the North American market’s continually rising standard. All in all, Bellarise Supreme IDY has been a blockbuster.”