Company: Pak Group North America

Ingredient Snapshot: Bakery ingredient manufacturer Pak Group, through its North American brand, Bellarise, has introduced its line of Bellarise Semi-Dry Yeast. With their frozen yeast solution, the California-based baking ingredients producer promises commercial bakeries better shelf life for their unfermented frozen (UFF) doughs, more consistent gassing power from proof to bake when compared to cream and crumbled fresh yeast, and reduced costs while going Non-GMO and clean label.

“Shelf life extension, consistent results from one bakery to another, and to simplify production in situations where a freshly baked bread is needed: these are a few key reasons why commercial bakeries use frozen doughs,” says Cam Suárez-Bitár, marketing and public relations manager for Bellarise. “The challenge for UFF doughs has always revolved around consistency. Cream yeast and crumbled fresh yeast have a short shelf life and their gassing power degrades rapidly over time, so more apt solutions are needed to get the most out of frozen doughs. Bellarise Semi-Dry Yeast, however, extends the shelf life of frozen dough by 6-12 months when compared to other yeasts; significantly cuts in-bowl costs  since SDY’s 2-year shelf life is far longer than the 3 to 4 weeks you get from cream yeast; it increases yield; and SDY is easy to handle since defrosting is not necessary.” Bellarise Semi-Dry Yeast also creates a more uniform and symmetrical crumb structure than cream yeast and crumbled fresh yeast, and it is best suited for use in a wide range of applications, including croissants, hoagies, Pullman loaves, rolls, and more.

Bellarise Semi-Dry Yeast is also non-GMO and clean label, adds Suárez-Bitár. “The fact that all of our yeast is raised on pure beet molasses, instead of the high fructose corn syrup others use, makes our yeast that much more special.” Bellarise Semi-Dry Yeast is also Kosher, Halal, and gluten-free.

Bellarise Semi-Dry Yeast is available now in North America. Contact Pak Group directly for more information.