Company: Pak Group North America


Ingredient Snapshot: Bakery ingredient manufacturer Pak Group, through its North American brand, Bellarise, announces its new, certified organic, clean label and Non-GMO dough conditioner: Bellarise BellaSPONGE Organic. The California-based baking ingredients producer crafted their new dough conditioner to help commercial bakeries improve their doughs on a number of fronts.

Cam Suárez-Bitár, marketing and public relations manager at Pak Group, provides some background on Bellarise BellaSPONGE Organic dough conditioner. “Historically, bakeries have used conventional, dirty label whey-based dough conditioners, such as PZ-44, in their breads and achieved satisfactory results. Our Bellarise BellaSPONGE Organic, however, is a uniquely clean label and certified organic wheybased solution that provides subtle dairy flavor notes, and improves dough performance on several levels.”

In terms of its benefits to bakers, Suárez-Bitár emphasizes the new organic dough conditioner’s clean label qualities. “Instead of depending on dirty label conditioners containing ingredients like L-Cysteine and Potassium Bromate, bakers now have the first, purely clean label and certified organic solution that improves dough rheology, strength, and oven spring in dairy-based bread recipes. Dough extensibility also improves, since the deactivated yeast in Bellarise BellaSPONGE Organic works better than the LCysteine found in conventional solutions.”

Bellarise BellaSPONGE Organic helps bakers put a clean label on a broad range of baked goods, and is easy to implement, according to Suárez-Bitár. “Add Bellarise BellaSPONGE Organic’s 1 percent use rate to the mix, along with the fact that it works especially well in a broad range of breads, including Kaiser rolls, Portuguese breads, and sub rolls, and the benefits are manifold.”

Bellarise BellaSPONGE Organic is available now. Contact Pak Group directly for more information.