Company: MGP Ingredients


Ingredient Snapshot: MGP has announced the addition of new clean label ingredients to the company’s Arise line of wheat protein isolates. Along with Arise 8000, this new series now includes Arise 8100 and Arise 8200. Each of these ingredients is also Non-GMO Project Verified.

“Our innovation team continues to respond to consumers and food designers who want the option of being able to select clean label products,” said Mike Buttshaw, vice president of ingredients sales and marketing. “Along with this, we have the added ability to provide an array of non-GMO offerings.  MGP strives to continually keep customers’ preferences our priority as we work to provide on-trend, consumer-driven ingredient choices.”   

Protein isolates in the Arise 8000 series deliver a multitude of functional benefits across a wide variety of bakery products and other food applications. Among outstanding benefits and advantages are their ability to provide enhanced dough strength and elasticity and effectively supplement weak flour characteristics for added volume. Because they are derived from the protein component of wheat, they are especially ideal for wheat flour-based formulations. Pizza and flatbread crusts, tortillas, pan breads, rolls, bakery mixes, pasta and more are among the many applications for this series.

Other ingredients at the forefront of MGP’s Clean Label offerings are FP 300 wheat protein concentrate, and Midsol 50 and Pregel10 premium native wheat starches. Additionally, as with the Arise 8000 series of protein isolates, all of MGP’s starches, including the company’s fiber-enhancing Fibersym RW resistant wheat starch, are Non-GMO Project Verified.