Company: Bay State Milling


Ingredient Snapshot: Bay State Milling recently released SimplySafe, an all-natural heat treatment process and a simpler step to safer ingredients and safer food. 

Ensuring only the safest ingredients make it into your products is vital to protecting both the health of your consumers and the reputation of your company.

Specialty whole grains, whole seeds and blends, treated with this all-natural process performs a validated kill step that's highly effective in reducing or eliminating pathogens. You can minimize risk, while ensuring consumers get a taste of the one ingredient they crave most: peace of mind.

SimplySafe minimizes the risk of foodborne illness and costly recalls, and satisfies the desire for minimally-processed foods and supports clean label claims. It also protects organic and gluten-free certifications, and maintains original flavor, appearance and functionality. It's validated to achieve up to a 5-log reduction of Salmonella, as well.