Company: SPX FLOW

Equipment Snapshot: Through its Waukesha Cherry-Burrell brand, SPX FLOW has 60 years of experience in the design, manufacture and application of PD pump technology. “The new Universal 3 Series pumps possess many of the best features of previous well-respected and proven Universal pump designs and continue a tradition of excellence in terms of efficiency, reliability and productivity.” said Vipul Mistry, global product manager – Pumps, SPX FLOW Food & Beverage 

The innovative, new pumps are 3-A certified and can be cleaned-in-place (CIP) as standard. Connection of the rotor and shaft is completely sealed from the product zone to prevent any contamination and reduces the risk of internal corrosion. The front loaded seals are easy to maintain, reduce maintenance times and are available in a choice of materials and types; including single and double mechanical and O-ring versions to suite a wide variety of process applications. The pumps further provide the versatility of bi-directional flow capability and 3-way mounting for easy integration into process systems. 

Designed for operating up to 500 psi (34.5 bar) pressure and 300°F (149°C) temperature as standard, the Universal 3 offers customers exceptional robustness for long life operation. The values vary depending on the pump size and rating option. Key features include a heavy duty stainless steel frame, double tapered bearings, positive lubrication of bearings and the use of a wave spring to extend outer seal life. Shorter, large diameter shafts made from 17-4PH stainless steel reduce overhung loads, improve seal life and provide greater torque capacity; which enables the pumps to be used in higher pressure applications.  

Close running clearance rotors reduce slippage and add benefit in terms of improved sanitary performance and longevity. Combined with a long sealing path from inlet to outlet, the pump is further designed for low slip operation, high efficiency, good priming capability and effective flow control.

When it comes to pumping high viscosity fluids containing large particles; high efficiency is achieved from rotors with large fluid cavities and easy entry, anti-cavitation ports. Even for non-lubricating and abrasive fluids, the pump is designed to maximize service life as it has no bearings in contact with the process fluid, no internal sliding or rolling contact, and no rotor-to-rotor contact. 

Mistry concluded, “We are excited to launch this pump in the market. The Universal 3 Series really encapsulates the vast experience SPX FLOW has in delivering a pump that consistently meets processing needs and its in-depth understanding of hygienic design.”

Combined with precision engineering, low maintenance overheads and features designed to maximize pump life; the Universal 3 offers a reliable pumping solution with sound return on investment.