Company: JustFood


Technology Snapshot: JustFood has announced the release of JustFood 2018. The release makes it even easier for food manufacturers and distributors to manage their business. JustFood software works to connect departments, data and processes into a single cloud ERP built specifically for the food industry, and now offers a simplified user experience, upgraded integrations and add-ons, and greater reporting capabilities.

JustFood 2018 utilizes recent advancements in Microsoft's cloud technology to help food companies simplify processes, integrate with other business applications and improve visibility into business performance. New role centers and more intuitive workflows for quality and product recall processes help improve operational efficiency, and the addition of a new API library makes integration with third-party applications easier than ever. JustFood 2018 helps put operations and financial data at customers' fingertips by providing upgraded built-in reporting.

JustFood also announced the availability of Analytics for JustFood, a robust platform that brings all of a company's critical metrics into easy-to-use dashboards.

"Our most recent releases are focused on making it simpler for our customers to track and get access to the critical business metrics that matter to them," says Mark Pileski, VP of marketing and product management at JustFood. "Companies engage us all the time to help solve their problems around tying together disparate data sources, keeping data current and distributing information successfully throughout their organizations. JustFood 2018 and Analytics for JustFood makes this information sharing much easier, allowing these companies to make better and more informed business decisions."

JustFood 2018 and Analytics for JustFood are now available to all current and prospective customers. For more information about JustFood 2018, visit, and for more information about Analytics for JustFood, visit